What to give your girlfriend for the New Year 2019

What to give your girlfriend for the New Year 2019

Table of contents:

  1. Costume & Fashion Jewelry
  2. Underwear
  3. Cosmetics and perfumery
  4. Electronics and Gadgets
  5. Appliances
  6. Useful things
  7. Unusual gifts

New Year's Eve is perhaps one of the mostromantic and responsible in the year, so lovers, by tradition, spend this time together. In order for it to be remembered for many years, you need to think through all the nuances and then, of course, gifts come to the fore. What to present to your darling in this magical night, how to choose a gift for a girl to see genuine joy on her face, and not a frustrated or even confused smile? This is especially important in the Year of the Red Rooster, because he patronizes romantic relationships and loves gifts. In this article we will tell you what to give your girlfriend for the New Year 2019, present a list of unusual souvenirs.Gift optionsGift optionsConditionally all possible gifts can be broken down by category, is their a sample list:

  1. Jewellery. These include both inexpensive but beautiful jewelry and real jewelry.
  2. Underwear. Of course, it is about a beautiful and quality lingerie. Any girl dreams about it and will be very glad to have such a gift. However, here it is necessary to consider at what stage of relationship you are, so if you still all begins, then choose a gift worth less than candid.
  3. Cosmetic and perfume products. The most popular category, which will cost inexpensive, when compared with ornaments and still please darling. But you need to be familiar with the taste preferences of the girls, not to get into an awkward situation.
  4. Gadgets and other electronics.
  5. Appliances.
  6. Useful things.
  7. Original gifts.

Now it is necessary to consider each category in more detail.

Costume & Fashion Jewelry

Immediately note that if a guyI decided to give the girl jewelry from jewelry, then it should be of high quality, safe and have all the necessary certificates, so it is worth buying in large prestigious stores, and not on the market. Saving on a gift, you can pay the health of a dear person. The most relevant products will be in red, golden tones or with the image of a rooster - the symbol of the upcoming 2019. Such jewelry will not only please the eye, but will also become a talisman for the whole year.Decorating for freeDecorating for freeAs for jewelry, the actualare gold products: chains, bracelets, necklaces. Jewellery with diamonds, rubies, red stones and golden hue, as well as silverware. What a magnificent gift, the greater will be the favor of the host of the year. Those who have a modest budget, it may be advisable to buy a gift for a variety of pendants, elegant romantic nature of the product, for example, a pendant in the shape of heart, in which you can put a photo. Latest rings, earrings. All beautiful items will please not only the favorite, but the Rooster. Present in this category most in demand this year, in fact, the totem loves all the bright, beautiful and bright as the sun.


This category is very ambiguous. It is necessary to take into account the character of the girl, the degree of intimacy between the lovers and know her preferences. If the guy still decided on such a gift, then the advice he can turn to sellers in the store, which is going to buy a gift. Before buying, make sure that the firm thing. In addition, it should be transparent to the girl to find out whether she had an allergy to any kinds of fabrics, otherwise the gift will go to the ballot box, and in the memory will remain uneasy.UnderwearNote!Underwear-refundable and not exchangeable.

Cosmetics and perfumery

The most sought after jewelry gift - itcosmetics or perfume. They cost more democratic, but girls like nothing less than jewelry. When choosing makeup should carefully consider what colors and shades enjoyed the second half, because improper cosmetics, is likely to be peredaril mom or girlfriend. If a man intends to buy a perfume, it is necessary, as if by accident, to reduce the beloved to the store where it will test several flavors. After that you can buy perfumes, without fear that she will not like.Cosmetics and perfumeryA variant can be purchase Giftcertificate, in which the girl herself can buy products from the catalog. By the same principle, you can purchase a voucher to visit the beauty parlor, beauty salon, spa. By the way, here too, we should not forget about the medical indications.

Electronics and Gadgets

Here guys fantasy could disperse to the full. The range of potential gifts is so great that they can simply scatter eyes.Listen to music for freeListen to music for freeYou can buy your favorite phone to alwaysIt has been connected, and you can, knowing her cherished dream of mastering the art of photography, under the Christmas tree to put the camera. For those who are in a committed relationship, the actual purchase can be a laptop or tablet. with finance guys modest it may be advisable to give the original USB flash drive, now a lot of shapes and colors - everyone will find the taste. Nice gifts will headphones, the player with pre-recorded music, which is associated with the relationship, or simply enjoy it. Such a surprise, despite the small costs, please darling.


AppliancesThe most pragmatic gift. Most often it is presented, being in a serious relationship or living together. It is best to give these gifts, knowing what she really needs.

Useful things

At first glance, this category presentsunromantic, but it is only a first impression. If you think about it, and here has its own charm. For example, the guy knows that she is a true connoisseur of coffee or tea, then it is a gift to be relevant as a coffee machine or accessory for brewing tea or elegant tea service. In addition, you can buy accessories for hair care, nail care. For lovers of cooking utensils suitable quality or original gadget for cooking.

Unusual gifts

This category includes all the unusual show. For example, - this is especially true for men who own any craft - it is made with their own hands (gifts made of wood, glass and other things). Here you can select a variety of accessories to gadgets, clothes. Will please the eye figurines, photo mosaic.StatuetteStatuetteThe original solution can be found in the bookdepartment, for example, can give the best gift - a book in your preferred genre. If you have time and money, you can learn about her favorite work and find it in the first edition. This may be an old book from the antique shop or from a private collection, signed the text with meaning, it will not forget the person prepodnesshem such a gift, and will be remembered forever. Such gestures can be more valuable than even the most expensive jewelry izdeliya.Poluchit commended on their own to write a poem or draw a picture. In general, a gift can be from any category, because the object itself is not important - it can be a simple trinket from a store, does it matter how much effort has been applied as was presented with a gift and from whom he is.Portrait as a giftPortrait as a giftAs with any holiday, we should not forget that the sweets and flowers in addition to the present is always relevant, and even obyazatelny.Chitayte in some cases:

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