What to give to her husband for the New Year 2019

What to give to her husband for the New Year 2019

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  1. Gadzhetomaniya
  2. Fashionable clothes
  3. Gifts with individual character
  4. Habits and hobbies
  5. Handmade
  6. Leather Products
  7. Rooster on luck
  8. And a little more creative
  9. A photo

Friendly family relationships are a dream of manywomen, but to expect generosity and attention from your beloved spouse would be wrong without your response. Most often, mutual understanding and family comfort directly depend on the attitude of women to family holidays, on the desire to create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere for the husband and children. Therefore, it is especially important for a woman to choose the right gift for her husband, especially if it is New Year's surprises that set the mood for the whole coming year. A gift to a man should give joy, and in no case indicate a lack of behavior or character, because everyone should have a chance to magically change their lives for the better on New Year's Eve. Year 2019, tell us what gift to choose, where to buy it or make it yourself.


Usb-hoursUsb-hoursThe first place in the top gifts for several yearsquickly broke back and held their positions different gadgets and computer equipment, as most of the male population of the working or personal time in the depths of the Internet space. Special headphones, a small lamp for illumination, USB-heater for cup, a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard from dust - precisely those nice souvenirs that will be useful to any intelligent man. If you think it would be desirable for more serious purchases, you must take into account that nowadays IT-sphere so rapidly evolving that finding a gift with the latest features you need fairly easily, but it is quite expensive, and not always a woman well versed in computer technology , vital spouse.

Fashionable clothes

Men's sweaterMen's sweaterIf there is a need to surprise a loved one, but do notwhile spending a fortune, you can create a New Year's gift with their own hands. If the hostess knows how to knit, this skill will make a warm scarf or a more sophisticated technology for manufacturing knitted sweater with original ornate pattern (see fashion magazines, to tie really fashionable thing). The husband can safely put on the creation of a warm winter for long walks or take him with them to the mountain resort.

Gifts with individual character

Flash card and hubFlash card and hubAnother idea - to sew originalbow tie and decorate it registered letters, store-bought accessories. In fashion and other customized gifts, such as flash drives and stationery with engravings, hats, T-shirts and svitshoty interesting joint photographs and inscriptions. Such gifts are so exclusive that will be subject to boast to your friends. If such order tee shirt for the whole family, the joint shopping trip will be fun family holiday.

Habits and hobbies

Subwoofer in carsSubwoofer in carsIf the husband is a music lover, then you can give a goodacoustics in the car, after consulting with those who are versed in this, for example, with friends of her husband, or simply powerful speakers. Such a gift will delight anyone who knows a lot about this, but the cost will surprise a lot, and take a lot of space, think about where you store a gift. However, you can select and miniature objects, such as a drum set for the fingers.Drum kit fingerDrum kit fingerIf you love music retro favorite, then present to the player for vinyl - original and fresh.The player for vinylThe player for vinylNote!Repelled by the habits and hobbies husband.Lovers of coffee in the morning or donate coffee makercoffee-machine, at the same time and themselves pamper themselves perfectly prepared coffee. In addition, you can purchase a brutal mug with handle-kastetom.Avtomobilisty are sincerely looking forward to a new navigator, or a video recorder.


Jewelry hand-madeJewelry hand-madeIf such skills as knitting and sewing are notthere, it is possible to create a variety of interesting things with their hands, which do not require special skills. Just something you need to purchase the required amount of supplies and finalize the ideey.Vypolnyaya skilled masters instructions, any hostess effortlessly be able to create a beautiful picture frame, decorated with its shiny coins or cogs-shurupchikami than certainly surprise her husband.

Leather Products

Leather accessoriesLeather accessoriesQuite practical gift will be the product ofshops leather goods: belts, padded gloves, purse, bag for tablet or laptop bag, matched in color and, of course, the size will be in the service of health and the image of her husband for several years. Beautiful organizer for the trunk or glove compartment will appreciate a man who spends much time on the road.

Rooster on luck

Recently, fashionable room designers andFeng Shui experts, many of their recommendations are directed to ensure that gifts and souvenirs with which women generously donate their husbands were presented, so to speak, “correctly”, with meaning invested in the gift and carrying only pleasant emotions, not insult and misunderstanding. So that the gift presented to the spouse corresponds to the energy of the year, you can turn your attention to the symbolism of the Eastern calendar that is fashionable today. As you know, the upcoming 2019, according to ancient almanacs, will be the year of the Fiery Rooster. This sign, in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui, symbolizes the accumulation of financial wealth, attracts good luck to the apartment of the donee, and carries only positive energy.Figurine RoosterFigurine RoosterBeautiful statue of a rooster figurine isthe epitome of masculinity, his muscular chest - a symbol of support for weaker brethren, bright crest - good luck, luxurious plumage - wealth and success. Such an image of poultry purchased in the shop esoteric gizmos will protect the joint housing from the negative energies and fires. An important aspect is the material of which has to be made an amulet and its location on a pedestal. Rooster of thick painted porcelain, mahogany, copper or bronze have to "climb" the hill of coins, just then, he will be the owner of a huge success in their professional career, will mark a new beginning.Note!For presenting a gift, of course, it is necessaryBeautifully decorate it in a festive package and attach a lush bow - so any gift will look solemn and appropriate for the New Year's celebration in 2019.

And a little more creative

flask campflask campIf you are interested in more ideas, here is a list that you can still donate:

  • camera;
  • binoculars;
  • camping supplies;
  • set of poker, backgammon or any other traditionally male game;
  • all kinds of fishing tackle;
  • of vinyl watch them make their own copies of unnecessary or can be bought ready-made (!);
  • sports equipment (weights), with their ownpainted image of a Christmas theme. You can even buy a weight in the form of head-terminator or even something brutal, most importantly, to find out where to buy;
  • luxury watches with a leather strap;
  • themed set of usb-flash drives and hub;
  • friendly cartoon framed.

Yes, so much more you can think of, ifpurposefully sit down and think. We hope that the presentation of souvenirs and unpacking will bring a lot of pleasant emotions as the donee husband, and you, because it is such moments unite the family in these frosty holidays.

A photo

Poker setPoker setThe piano, which can be minimizedThe piano, which can be minimizedMug with brass knucklesMug with brass knucklesGeary with a patternGeary with a patternWatches from the plateWatches from the plateSee also:

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