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The remedy for bed bugs in the home, or how to get rid of the pests once and for all?


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  • If oval, flat, pale brownand no larger than 5 mm being shared with the bed you can be sure - it's a bug. Bedbug is never alone, but somewhere nearby hiding comrades. It is necessary to urgently take action, while the occupier is not expanded the territory of capture. What is the remedy for bed bugs in the home is considered to be effective?

    Getting rid of bed bugs once and for all

    How to drive the bugs from his apartment?

    Bedbugs feed exclusively on human blood. They are active at night: taking advantage of our helplessness during sleep, invade the bed and move over the skin. Insect anaesthetises the place where is going to sting. So the moment when the bug bites, we do not feel.

    Each insect makes the whole track fromfour or five bites disposed about one centimeter apart. The attack lasts 15-25 minutes. After that, the bugs disappear as quietly as they came. They find a new place, a hiding place to digest a portion of the blood. Each female produces about 500 hungry bugs. their power mode - once every three or four days. A deferred bedbug eggs are difficult to detect.

    Getting rid of bed bugs at home? Please use the following guidelines:

    • Do not despair - acting methodically, you win.
    • Take all measures to prevent any spread of these pests in your home.
    • Destruction of bedbugs can combine the three methods - mechanical and chemical plus folk remedies.
    • Scraping the territory must be carried out methodically and completely: the whole colony of bugs to be destroyed.
    • The treatment should be repeated three times.
    • Warn your neighbors about possible expansion. And do not try to be ashamed of, because it is not in your cleanliness. Insects in your home were outside. In the collective housing it can happen to anyone.

    Avoid common errors in processing:

    • Do not shake the bugs infested bedding out of the window, otherwise they will settle on the facade of the building and come back with a vengeance.
    • Do not handle the evacuation mattress, do not pull it across the apartment and down the stairs, at the risk of contaminating the room completely and stairwell.
    • Take measures to prevent any movement of the bugs in other parts of your apartment.

    chemical treatment

    The remedy for bed bugs at home

    To prevent the spread of pests onthroughout the apartment, it is necessary to surround them. Begin treatment by spraying an effective means of bed bugs in the home on the basis of the existing natural insecticide "Death pests №1». Deal baseboards on the perimeter, doors, windows, sills, space around electrical outlets and switches at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters. Then treat the surface of all the facilities:

    • parquet;
    • carpet covering;
    • curtains;
    • Hollow sections of cornices;
    • stuffed animals;
    • books;
    • lamps;
    • walls;
    • furniture;
    • the contents of cupboards and drawers.

    Particular attention should be paid to places of accumulationinsects. The closer you get to the bed, the more you discover pests. It is suggested to use the best means of bedbugs at home - insecticide "Karo", presented by 400 ml aerosol spray. This is the most powerful tool for the destruction of eggs, larvae and adults. Spray kills in 45 seconds and will remain active for 12 weeks.

    Processing bed - another important step in the fightwith bedbugs. Take the sheets and pillows, and without shaking, place them in a large garbage bag and then spray the insecticide and carefully close it. Thus, you will be able to deliver linens to the washing machine, without contaminating the rest of your apartment.

    Carefully treat all on-site at the seamsmattress, as well as fasteners, stickers, weaving between the slats of the bed. By analogy with linen treat clothes and household items: bags, shoes, toys, carpets and so on.

    Also proposed insecticides, you canuse any pesticides, which presents a wide range on offer. When using toxic substances, be extremely careful and strictly follow the instructions on the packaging. Keep these tools away from children.

    Mechanical restoration

    The remedy for bed bugs at home effective

    Mechanical processing is needed in addition to thechemical. In addition, it is more cost-effective and non-addictive or bedbugs resistance. They can not tolerate any heat, nor cold, so play on these two natural weaknesses of the pests:

    • After a chemical attack stroll around the home with a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the room from the corpses of fallen enemies and their larvae.
    • temperature sufficient to + 60 °, to killbugs, their larvae and eggs. Equip your steam cleaner or industrial hairdryer and pass on the hidden places again, that could withstand chemical attack and aspiration.
    • Wash all textile products at the highest possible temperature for them. Recommended water temperature threshold - + 60 ° and + 90 °. Instead of softener in the washer, pour vinegar.
    • 48-hour stay in the freezercertainly kill bedbugs and their eggs. This procedure is very convenient for all the fluff and objects that can withstand the cold. In winter, if you have a balcony or garden, you can put in the cold clothes, objects, furniture and so on. D.

    folk Wisdom

    Folk remedies for bedbugs

    And you know what bugs live on the groundsince time immemorial? Archaeologists have discovered the mummy in the tomb of bedbugs Egyptian pharaoh, where more than 3 thousand. Years. Can you imagine how many bugs during that time was crushed? The people have accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with these pests. Sin not to use this experience.

    So, to get rid of bedbugs, you can use such folk ways and means:

    • Bedbugs can scare. In addition to cold and heat, they can not tolerate the smell of bitter herbs such as wormwood tansy or holly. Lay flat on the grass in places most likely accumulation of insects and just wait when the bugs begin mass exodus.
    • Another deterrent - vinegar solution. The higher the concentration, the better. Vinegar shows greater effectiveness in conjunction with other chemical elements. For example, it is necessary to take in the same proportions of 90% alcohol, naphthalene and vinegar. The solution can be used as an aerosol.
    • The impact on the sense of smell. Bedbugs can not tolerate the smell of ammonia. A mixture composed of 10 g of ammonia, 40 g of benzene and 150 g of denatured alcohol. The solution was pour into a saucer and arrange in areas of maximum accumulation of bedbugs. Remember that it is toxic for pets.

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    Only carefully carried out any processingdescribed means together or separately - the key to speedy disposal of bedbugs. Do not leave the insects no chance, never to meet with them.

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