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Folk remedies for aphids


Aphids - pest, able in a short period of time cause permanent damage to your crop. Insect offers a rare fertility and endurance. To cope with the attacks of aphids will help you tested people's money.

Aphids on plants: signs of the emergence of

Insect can live on any plant: flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables. You can detect the parasite by the following features:

  1. Honeydew on plant leaves. It has a sweet taste that attracts many insects, especially ants. If you notice a large crowd of ants on the plant, so it was chosen by the aphid.
  2. Plants become sickly. They cease to bloom, the leaves begin to curl and turn yellow, shoot apex deformed plummets yield of fruit crops.
  3. Pest can be detected on the bottom sideleaves around growth points, on buds, shoots and stalks. insect length of only 2 mm. The adult aphid has a grayish-white or greenish-yellow color.

Folk remedies for aphids

Funds from aphids: the emergence of prevention

There is a mandatory preventive maintenance for plants, following which you do not have to think in the future, how to get rid of the pest:

  • It is impossible to overfeed plants and limit their outdoor activities. If the crops grown in the greenhouse, always ventilate her;
  • Keep the plant clean, promptly removing diseased and dead leaves;
  • Do not allow the spread of the ants that contribute to the preservation and reproduction of aphids on the leaves.
  • If you observe all safety precautions and prevention, pest but still settled on your site to help you to come folk remedies against aphids.

The fight against aphids folk remedies

Folk remedies - an effective aid in the fightpests. Their main advantage is that they are not harmful to plants, animals and humans. But at the same time an excellent job with this task, saving your garden from insects.

  • All submitted infusions and decoctions better to add to the soap solution from tar whether soap (10 liters of a solution of 40 grams of soap).

Folk remedies for aphids
  • The remedy for aphids on trees. Pour 3 liters of hot water, 300 g onion peel. Leave to infuse for 2 - 3 days. The resulting infusion dilute soapy water and spray the trees it 3 times in 5 days.
  • Boil in a bucket of water 500 g of tomato leaves and foliage. After boiling, cook for half an hour means. The prepared broth, prior to use, dilute with clean water (2 liters of broth in 10 liters of water).
  • Crush 1.5 kg of fresh potato leaves and 1kg of dry potato leaves. Fill weight bucket of hot water and leave to infuse for 4 - 5 hours. Trees sprayed with the preparation of infusions in the evening until the complete disappearance of aphids.
  • The remedy for aphids on currants. Pour 2 kg of tobacco 15 liters of water temperature 60degrees. Leave the vehicle for a day, after - strain. The resulting infusion is diluted in water (10 liters of water - 2 liters of liqueur). Cooked means of spray currants. Also this solution for getting rid of thrips, sawflies and leaf rollers.

Folk remedies for aphids
  • Pour 15 liters of warm water 1.5 kg of dried orange peel. Steep means 3 days. An infusion spray plant.
  • The remedy for aphids on tomatoes. Dissolve in 10 L of warm water of 30 g of mustard powder. Cooked tomatoes spray composition.
  • In the 60-degree water (15 liters), add 1.5 kg of chamomile. Steep means 15 hours. Then strain the infusion and add 3 parts of water and soap. The resulting composition of the treat tomatoes.

Folk remedies for aphids
  • Grass and roots of celandine (1.5 kg), pour 15 liters of boiling water. Steep Formulation 2 - 3 days. After the solution can be processed tomatoes by aphids.
  • The remedy for aphids on roses. Finely chop the sorrel horse. 0.5 kg hacked sorrel pour 15 liters of water. Insist 2 - 3 days, after which the treated flowers.
  • In 15 liters of water boil 3 kg and 1 kg of freshdry yarrow. The prepared broth can be stored no more than 5 days in a closed container. Cooked means of effectively fighting the parasite on roses.
  • Prepare Concentrate pine: Pour 5 tablespoons needles 12 liters of water. Insist means 2 days, after which you can handle rose.

Folk remedies for aphids
  • The remedy for aphids on cucumbers. In 15 liters of water add 70 grams of dried roots of hellebore. Steep means 5 - 7 hours. Prepare the tincture spray cucumbers.
  • Within half an hour boil 1.5Kg crushed stalk smartweed in 15 liters of water. The mixed composition copes with aphids on cucumbers.

The most effective remedy for aphids

  • For a 100% get rid of the pest gardeners often use ash. 0.5 kg of ashes pour 12 liters of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes. After the tool can be used to treat the plants.

Folk remedies for aphids
  • Prepare a tincture of dandelion: 500 g of leaves and dandelion roots 400 g chop and pour 12 liters of water. Steep means 3 - 5 hours, after which it can be used for other purposes. tincture Spraying is carried out several times.
  • Pour 300 g chopped nettles 1.5 liters of water. Leave the product to 3 hours after, they can spray the flowers and trees.
  • Pour ½ bucket of dry marigold 10 liters of warm water. Insist 2 days, strain and add 50 g of soap. The solution is ready. They can handle any plant.

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Aphids - a tiny parasite that can seriouslydamage your crop. To get rid of it, gardeners often turn to folk remedies. Acting on the instructions and in compliance with all the rules, you are, of course, save your garden from pests!

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