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Aquilegia: growing from seed, flower planting and care


A more common name aquilegia -catchment area, but apart from that it has earned a lot of colorful nicknames in different countries: from dove to the mountain bells. With a flower associated large number of beliefs and will: someone believes that it softens the heart and soul, someone, on the contrary, insists on the female personification of perfidy. However, as it may be, Aquilegia continues to be appreciated because of its unpretentiousness and attractiveness.

A distinctive feature of Aquilegia - its flowers: like a bell with 5 petals, seated in the center of the star, it has a long fluffy core and a bright color. Numerous photo aquilegia can be seen that both parts of the petals of a flower is most often characterized by shades: interior may be white, with subtle spots at the base, and the outer purple, and always with a bluish bloom at the ends. Some varieties are collected in inflorescence of 10-12 pc., But most of the flowers have Aquilegia solitary on long shoots. Smaller (5 * 3 cm) leaves are not of particular interest are, formed in the bottom of the outlet from which is drawn and the main stem.

Aquilegia: growing from seed at home

Aquilegia: growing from seed at home
Aquilegia: growing from seed

Aquilegia: cultivation
Aquilegia: at home

Work with Columbines pleasure: it can be propagated in several ways, among which the most popular is the classic crop. Moreover, it can be made even in the open ground, but professionals recommend still pass through the stage of seedling to grow stronger and hardy shrubs. sowing period - autumn or spring, depending on where it is sown: in the open ground and under the snow, seedlings - in the spring. At the same time, they have to be treated - a small container filled with earth, in which the scattered seeds Aquilegia, after which they cover new layer of earth. The soil is moistened, clean containers or in the refrigerator (temperature no higher than 5 ° C), or in a hot place - about 35 degrees. There's seeds should be 30 days, after which their primary treatment is completed. After such action will only rub their sandpaper, since they have dense "shell", and the seeds are ready for planting.

Simple plastic containers with highthe walls are filled with garden soil, to which added a bit of peat, soil slightly moistened by spraying, scatter the seeds on it. Since they have no germination of 100%, maintain a certain distance between them is not necessary. Seeds gently overlap with a thin layer of the same substrate, or a simple sand, but be sure to warm up the oven. At the end of the sowing is required again slightly moisten the soil, tighten the container film in which multiple needle punctures created for air, and remove the container close to the window, but so that direct sunlight does not fall on it. If the windows are located on the north side, you can put the container even on the windowsill. In other cases - close to the wall, at a distance of 70-80 cm from the window.

Seedlings planted from seedlings Aquilegiato appear 16-20 days, after which the film container must be removed. Care of seedlings is not changed from the time of sowing only a light watering after spraying. When sprouts appear at 2-3 leaves, they should sit on separate single pots or smaller than the previous one, smashing their little groups. Between shoots need to keep a distance of 4-5 cm., So as not to interfere with the development of their root system. And as soon as the earth warms up on the site (which usually happens in mid-May), the bushes are carried to the flower bed. At the time of transplantation sure to save a small amount of ground around the roots, otherwise you will damage them, resulting in death of the plant.

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Aquilegia: planting and care in the open field

Aquilegia: planting and maintenance in the open field

In the open field can be sown and Columbinesfall, yet the land is not managed to seriously be frozen: about the middle or end of October. The soil before planting is not moisturize because of low night temperatures, and the seeds are not stratified: sprouting from them in 2-3 weeks still expect do not have to, so it's best to give them the opportunity to quietly spend the winter. The main thing is to tighten land with sown Columbines film or cover material, then you can forget about it. In the spring can only wait until the seedlings grow stronger, gain a few leaves, and flowers can be seat on the site according to the original plan of their placement.

As for the main landing place Aquilegia, theit should be a shaded area - the lack of light for the plants is far preferable than the bright sunlight. Well it will be near the walls of houses or in the shade of trees, and near the water - no wonder that sometimes a flower called Watershed. At the same time remember that the transplant because of its strong root system Akvilegiya does not like, so this place will be a constant for the next few years for it (Aquilegia is Perennial).

Aquilegia: planting and care

Between the bushes according to their heightobserve a distance of 25-40 cm It can be increased, but it is not necessary to cut, especially if planted in several different varieties:. flowers easily cross-pollinated, and after a while the difference between them is erased. The dug wells under Columbines poured a little drainage mixture and universal fertilizer, and then bury the bushes on the thickness of the index finger. The soil on which it grows Akvilegiya must be wetted well, but at the same time, it should not be very tight: loam necessarily diluted with sand and small stones.

From permanent treatments for Columbines careprofessionals allocate only a portion of the soil loosening and abundant watering. Feeding carried out rarely, mainly during landing and then in the spring and after flowering. It is, incidentally, comes only on the 2nd year after planting and lasts all summer. If desired, after its completion, you can wait for the "boxes" will dry up, and collect the seeds. They will retain their quality for 5 years, and some gardeners claim that in the second year they can awaken Alpin solution.

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If you do not want to collect seeds, and are notwant Akvilegiya multiplied by self-seeding, be sure to cut the flowers until fading outlet. If necessary, you will be able to organize a new flower bed with Columbines by cuttings or division of the bush.

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