Why turbid water in the aquarium

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  1. Fundamental rules
  2. Main reasons

The answer to the question why the cloudy water in the aquarium,ambiguous. The fact that this may occur for completely different reasons. But the fight against this phenomenon is quite difficult, so be sure to know the options of the problem in order to eliminate the cause, and then later a result.

Fundamental rules

Aquarium care

Aquarium care

Properly equipped and well-kept aquarium will be a few years, without requiring a change of water.

Rule one. Must be observed in an aquarium"Biological equilibrium". Each individual fish require water in its quantity, depending on the species. Angelfish For one example, requires at least 7 liters of water for two times, respectively, two and one for enough guppies liters.

The second rule. It is recommended to have in the aquarium snails. They eat good food residues, decomposition products are not giving water rot.

Beautiful AquariumBeautiful AquariumThe third rule. It is necessary to properly prepare the diet of aquarium fish, it must present a live feed, the best of which is the bloodworm, worms, gubochniki, mosquito larvae, worms E.albidus, cyclops and daphnia. The norm is five worms per day for each adult fish of average size. Eats the food shall, within fifteen minutes, it should not linger longer in the aquarium. Otherwise, it is not surprising why the cloudy water in an aquarium.

The fourth rule. It must be borne in mind that in the aquarium will beconstantly undergoing complex processes. As a result, some plants and fish are born and others die. Therefore need constant attention and care for the aquarium.

Main reasons

aquarium Overpopulation
aquarium Overpopulation
  • The water will turn cloudy, if the aquarium is overpopulated andthere is a small number of plants. The water in this case can not be purged and filtered. The aquarium will accumulate waste products that will serve as an excellent food for the breeding of bacteria and unicellular. Before changing the murky water, it is necessary simply to transplant the extra fish.
  • Water may become turbid due tosloppy was flooded with fresh water. Therefore, raising the soil was the smallest detail. After some time, the water will be light when they settle to the bottom again. Therefore, worry and to take any action it is not necessary.
  • Water may thicken due to availability andthe spread of a large number of bacteria that are putrid. They are very harmful for fish and plants. Appear bacteria are due to improper feeding or overly dense planting fish in the aquarium. Apparently, it has been violated "biological equilibrium". In this case, it is recommended to pour the sand, coarse and very well-washed for better filtration on the bottom. It is better that it is a dark color and the layer - about five centimeters. A complete change of water is required. It should be by means of a glass tube periodically remove the mud from the bottom. Then topped up with fresh water having a temperature.
  • Another reason why the cloudy water in an aquarium: incorrect feeding process. It is recommended to avoid eating dry food because of it spoils the water. If there is such a need, then you need to give it a little, making sure that the food is completely eaten. Only after the new portion of the pour.
  • Fish dig the groundFish dig the groundFish that digging in the ground may be the underlying cause. To resolve this cause, it is necessary to increase the top layer of sand on the bottom and pour it regularly.
  • Reproduction of bacteria also begin whenno uneaten food and rotten plants will be removed in time. It is necessary to remove all the same cause. Immediately fresh start is not recommended to change the water on, as soon "bacterial slime" will disappear.
  • And the last reason why the water becomes turbidaquarium: Many aquarists in the process of cleaning the aquarium completely replace water in it. Naturally, at this time the fish and the plants are transplanted. This is not correct. Firstly, in this process frequently injured fish and plants deteriorate. Secondly, in the first days in the aquarium again equipped with water becomes cloudy due to the fact that single-celled organisms reproduce much - ciliates, so take the time to add in her living organisms do not. If you run just the fish and land plants, it will fall into the water bacteria, which they themselves and will be recorded. Water will begin to thicken from ciliates which feed on these same bacteria. There will be a "diatomaceous dregs." If the wait time, the single-celled organisms die.

In general, it should be noted the following: regardless of why the aquarium water becomes cloudy, it should not be completely replaced. Most often, it is recommended to eliminate the root cause and to wait a few days.

Why turbid water in the aquarium
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