The turtles feed

The turtles feed

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In vain, many people believe that the turtleliving at home, something different from other pets, people simply do not know much about the features of their maintenance and care, as well as what to feed the turtles, these wonderful pets.


Home turtle

Home turtle

The Russian pet shops and markets selling three types of aquatic turtles - Krasnouhie, marsh and European TRIONIKS.

Red-eared sliders (sea or Africandecorative) has a slightly greenish or dark brown shell on his head behind her eyes are red stripes, ears, between the paws are webbed.

Bog Turtle is brown or black carapace, sometimes studded with yellow spots or small dashes, a turtle leather dark, with yellow speckles.

Funny turtle TRIONIKS - with spinelesslight beige shell in adults, and dark beige - babies. Surprisingly, but the shell of the turtle is covered by skin (for which it got its name), but instead of a nose in her small proboscis. This is not all of its amazing features - at TRIONIKS long neck and legs and sharp claws webbed white. The nature of a tortoise, for example, is not very friendly, more aggressive, and she prefers solitude, so that it must contain a single copy. Adult turtles can reach 30 centimeters, and they live up to 40 years, although the bog turtle is considered to be among them long-liver - she can live in good conditions about 70 years.

How to feed

How to feed a turtle
How to feed a turtle

To create a comfortable and turtles "happy"life, they need to be properly fed, as well as how to feed, this means not only what, but also how to do it. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to teach the bug is on the shore, that is, it must understand that in order to eat, she should go to the bank.

Another problem is that most of thefeed of what your friends suggest Krasnouhov is bloodworms, squid meat, and contain only the necessary amount of protein for tortilok. Manufactured in factory conditions, pellets may contain the desired amount of fats, proteins and vitamins. However, all types of feeds do not contain the amount of calcium, which is so necessary for all turtles. Solve this problem in two ways, along with the question, what to feed the turtle home.

First of all, you need to begin to entice bugTo the shore. First, the food is placed in an inclined shore at the water's edge. Gradually, his food, divorced with a little water in a small dish, it start to move away from the water at an increasing distance. Turtle begins to understand that in order to eat, she should get out on the land.

Feed the turtle on the shore in another way, by planting them in any small container with water. In this case, very convenient to feed pour calcium salts and vitamins in the form of powder.

That is, like turtle water and only"Native" home - aquarium, known to all the owners, but this kind of feeding has many drawbacks. Food, especially of animal origin, in water instantly spoiled, not only pollutes the water, but also destroys the biofilters.

If you still fail to teach a turtle haveoutside of the aquarium, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules - namely, to remove food debris from the water after 30 minutes after the start of feeding (usually this time the turtle enough to be satisfied).

What to eat

What pets eat turtle
What pets eat turtle

One of the ways to feed the tortoise land sothat it has received the necessary amount of calcium is added to her food in a large number of small low-fat fish, bones, fed periodically live snails aquarium, type Ampularia spp, or land snails -. Helix aspersa. Despite its small size, the turtles can eat a whole small aquarium fish, such as guppies. Still, in order to increase the amount of calcium, turtles are fed thawed fish, chopped into small pieces. It is best to feed a family of perch fish (herring and Scombridae - undesirable).

In major instances of fish must be removedbig bones, and the remaining fillets with vertebrate bones cut and give the other food. Too oily fish, such as capelin, sprat, sprat, herring, best before it is needed to hold for a while in hot water (80 ° C - 2 minutes). The hosts turtles need to know if the question arises, what to feed the turtles krasnouhih home, the meat - this is the wrong food of all kinds. This type of food is fraught with the development of all species from turtles, rickets and hypovitaminosis A.

Meat is permitted to add a little to"Correct" feed the turtles, who grew up on a granular feed factory, because in some of its forms is not enough protein. And another thing, you need to know the owners tortilok - if the bug to train raw meat, they do not want to take other food, and it is very harmful to their health.


The delicacy for turtles - shrimp and squid
The delicacy for turtles - shrimp and squid

In addition to the constant need of food, bugsshould be given a variety of delicacies (naturally, in their understanding). As a rule, all kinds of turtles love to live special food - earthworms, bloodworms, pipe makers, karetru. These additives are very fond of the young turtles, and, it is very useful and necessary, especially after fasting, which may be associated with the disease or hibernation (winter turtles can sleep from 10 weeks to 5 months, everything depends on the individual size).

Love turtles and meat squid and shrimp, verythey like (though useful and) liver raw. This, of course, is not the main type of food, but if they are added to feed the liver at least once a week, you can not make vitamins.

Some conscientious and scrupulous ownersturtles are preparing their own widespread delicacy, useful and tasty cake. This feed mixture was prepared on the basis of a conventional gelatin or a vegetable substitute - agar. This will not only solve the problem, how to feed aquatic turtles, but also to diversify the menu turtle useful and nutritious food, which will include vitamins and minerals.

The mixture consists of a cabbage (50 g), carrot (70g)apples (50 g) of fish fillet (145 g), raw eggs (2 pcs.), squid fillet (100 g), milk (150 ml). The base composed of gelatin dissolved in water (30 g / 150 ml) was added and the entire mixture was cooked 20 "Tetravita" droplets 10 tablets Calcium glycerophosphate.

Prepare the following sequence. The gelatin is first poured into the warm water, after it is brought to swell for a couple of dissolution. In a meat grinder to grind all the products harvested and mixed. Vitamins and tablets podroblennye glycerophosphate added to the mixture, after its temperature drops to 25-30 ° C. Then, the mixture is stirred again and put in the refrigerator. Before serving, ready-mixed cut into small cubes and allowed to warm to room temperature optimal. The resulting amount of food is enough for ten feedings for one adult turtles. The same mixture can be easily added and crushed medicines in case of illness.

A few important tips

A few important tips

Becoming older, turtles start to usemore and more plant food, and the owners of these amazing ancient tortilok should take this into account. If the tank were planted seaweed, the turtles, unfortunately, they were quickly eaten. So a constant food they need to give more and more plant food, such as algae and duckweed from these reservoirs, Elodie, edogoniuma, watercress water, as well as lettuce, cabbage young.

How many times to feed the turtle? Small and young turtles to two years to eat every day, and adults can be fed every 3 days, but very abundant (this applies to the "youth"), as well as turtles big "foodies", and prefer to eat tasty, dense and plentiful.

And, recently, the correct and balancedturtle food - this is the main factor of their healthy and long life. All the food that is consumed turtle must always be fresh and of quality. And yet, the turtle will not consume food from the fridge, they do not eat anything cold, so before feeding all need to advance from the refrigerator and allow the feed to warm to room temperature (or slightly warmed).

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