What better food or natural food

What better food or naturalka

Table of contents:

  1. What is the natural diet
  2. Natural food for cats
  3. Natural food for dogs
  4. Dry and canned food
  5. Translation into natural food

When the house there are small puppy, kittenor an adult animal, then the first thing you need to decide the host, the better to feed your new pet? And this is natural, since a proper diet have a beneficial effect on development, health and appearance of the pet. It should be noted that the words "eating right" means well-balanced diet that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals, the appropriate age of the animal. Such a diet can be achieved if feed him organic food or feed industry. So let us find out what the best food or natural food?

What is the natural diet

Natural food - it is not food to your tableNatural food - it is not food to your tableOf course, the natural food - healthy and tastypower option. But it is important just to remember: natural food for dogs and cats - it is not food to our table. The animal - not a man, needs and desires they are quite different. Treats from the table you only do harm to the health and well-mannered pet poproshayku.Vybiraya natural food options for dogs and cats, be prepared for some difficulties. First of all, you need to consider and balance the diet of a puppy or kitten, dog or cat properly. You should have enough time to purchase natural products and the preparation of pet food. In addition, organic foods do not contain fertilizers, additives and genetic modifiers, so are nedeshevo.Itak you do decide to feed the dog or cat natural food, remember:

  1. You need time and money.
  2. Food should be fresh and of good quality.
  3. Feeding dogs or cats 2-5 times a day depending on the age of the animal.
  4. Food should be slightly warmed.
  5. The diet is added essential vitamins and minerals.

Food for Cats

Naturalki for catsAll probably know that the most "natural"Cat food are small mammals and birds. Throw eggs from nests ruined, a small amount of herbs and grasses. That's almost the entire diet of wild cats. But thanks to him, it receives all the necessary nutrients and vitaminy.Ponyatno that no one will give a natural cat food at home. But if you try, you can organize a wonderful "natural table" their pussies. The most important thing to remember not to eat representatives koshachih.Vot list of what is strictly not recommended to give cats and kittens:

  1. Pickles and marinades.
  2. Smoked and spicy food.
  3. Sweets, chocolate, cocoa.
  4. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli.
  5. Mushrooms.
  6. Grapes, raisins.
  7. Citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple.
  8. Fat.
  9. Bones (any).
  10. Bakery products.
  11. Canned.
  12. Dog food.

With care, or better to exclude from the cat's diet:

  1. Pork.
  2. Salt and sugar.
  3. Liver and lung.
  4. Milk (adult animals).
  5. The fish is moist.
  6. Fatty fish (in any form).

Natural feeding kittensNatural feeding kittensWhat to feed the kitten better:

  1. Milk is not fat 3%, better than goat.
  2. Dairy products: kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, fermented baked milk.
  3. Chicken, turkey, beef.
  4. Kashi: rice, semolina, buckwheat.
  5. Eggs cooked and raw.
  6. Carrots, beets (fresh and boiled).
  7. Fish boiled.
  8. Greenery.

kitten Menukitten MenuNote!adult cats Menu differs from the kittens dietonly in the absence of milk in it. Usually after a year of age cats body ceases to absorb it and it may have an upset stomach. Although, if your adult cat happy to drink milk and feels great, you can sometimes spoil darling.When preparing the diet for cats should not forget about vegetables, cereals and fresh grass, they are necessary for the health and beauty of the animal. Adding vitamins and minerals you need the advice of a veterinarian.

Natural food for dogs

The dog must eat meatThe dog must eat meatIt should be noted that the dogs do not need a largeDietary diversity: the familiar food, the better it is digested. It is important that the food received a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.Note!From the nature of the dog's jaws are adapted totearing raw meat. Therefore, deciding to feed your dog natural food, give him that opportunity. Meat can be given raw or scalded. And adult dogs and puppies recommended stringy meat without fat. Puppies do smaller pieces.The better to feed the dog or puppy:

  • Milk (up to 3 months, sometimes up to a year).
  • Dairy products: cheese, yogurt, yogurt, cheese.
  • Cartilage meat, they have a lot of trace elements.
  • Meat: beef, veal, poultry (boneless only).
  • Fish (individual species and no more than 2-3 times a week).
  • Kashi (barley is poorly absorbed).
  • Vegetables.

The dog's diet should be vegetablesThe dog's diet should be vegetablesAdd vitamins to the diet recommended by your veterinarian and mikroelimenty, and the pet will feel great.

Dry and canned food

Many owners feed their petsonly dry food. And not only because they contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, but also because it is very convenient. Dry food does not require cooking time; no dirty dishes and experiences that half-eaten food in the pet bowl sour, while you are at work or away.Feline dry foodFeline dry foodToday the market offers a lot ofindustrial feed from economy class to elite. If you too have chosen as the food for the dog or cat dry food, then immediately give up the economy of feed, give preference to feed the premium and super-class. It has no artificial additives, balanced mineral and vitamin composition, and contains natural nutrients. For the exhibition of purebred dogs and cats developed special feed. If you select this feed should take into account a lot of nuances. Choose the right food will help you to specialists breeders.Note!Each age group of cats and dogs needtheir food, since it varies in composition. In no case do not feed the puppies or kittens food intended for adult dogs or cats. And make sure to have your pet always has fresh water. If desired, one can soak a dry feed with water or milk. For young kittens and puppies maceration necessary.Feeding your puppyFeeding your puppyBesides dry food industry producesCanned or "wet" food. His many consider it better to "drying" and an excellent substitute for real food. In addition, the animal will never give up this delicacy, from canned food has more advantages: sealed packaging and a long shelf life; time savings; a high moisture content, especially cats necessary.Feline wet foodFeline wet food

Translation into natural food

Immediately it is worth noting that the translation of feednatural food is often troublesome and tedious affair. Pet, who often have food in industrial production is likely to abandon the "unnatural" food.Translation cats on naturalkuTranslation of cat food on naturaltnuyuHow to transfer to feed on the natural food cat? Gather patience and soothing. sly cat, and you will try to soften or ruffle his heart-rending myaukanem.Sposob first. Translate gradually. Add a bit of cat meat in the dry food, the next day a little more, and so add on up to 10 days. At 10-12 day feed completely replace meat. You can try to sprinkle the natural food crushed dry food. The cat gets used to the smell, and it s very nravitsya.Sposob second. Radical method is only suitable for healthy cats and cats. For breakfast offer a cat a piece of boiled meat. Do not be surprised if she will not eat. Remove the meat. Try to give back half an hour later. Try to change the meat: beef, chicken, turkey. Do not eat? You can give a little bit raw. Dry food not give. If the cat showed no interest in the meat for 2 days and all this time hungry, will have to translate to feed on the natural food the first method. If the cat began to eat meat, it is mixed with the cheese, vegetables, translation naturalkudog Transfer to natural foodHow to transfer to feed on the natural food dog? Replace one feeding on the natural. Better if it will be a breakfast. Give the dog meat (beef or chicken), after showering it with boiling water, with grated carrots and porridge. Then, during the day, you can follow the reaction of the body of the dog for food. products are replaced by others If you have any allergies. At 6-7 day administered in the diet of cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt. The amount of dry food gradually snizhayut.Mnogie prefer to mix the natural food in the dry food in small portions. It is better if the first 2-3 days the number of natural food will not exceed 25% .Byvaet, dog liked natural feeding. Then the transfer can be accomplished in 2-3 days, provided that the dog is completely healthy. It is useful at the time of transfer to give the dog probiotics, they contribute to a better digestion. After translation accustom the pet to wet myasu.Chto better natural food or dry food, up to you. And, regardless of the choice, remember, your pet needs a properly balanced diet. And it may be qualitative and natural products and high-quality industrial korm.Chitayte also:Ways to get rid of the cat odorcat bathing rulesSelecting clippers dogs

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