How to accustom the cat to the toilet

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Many keep at home furry cats. In recent years, more and more people have become accustomed to cats, to celebrate their needs in the toilet. Trays with different fillings often do not justify themselves and burden kotovladeltsev life. Many of you know that the fillers are not so well perform their functions do not absorb unpleasant odor, do not form solid lumps or simply do not absorb moisture. Therefore it is better to suffer once and accustom your pet to walk down the toilet, than to constantly bear the filler used, washing litter box and restock "cat's toilet paper." But how to do that? Where to begin? How to accustom the cat to the toilet?

Home method

cat gradually accustom

cat gradually accustom

  1. To implement this method, a cat or a catYou should be able to use their toilet. It does not matter where this tray. Your goal at this stage is the maximum approximation to the toilet pan. Some cats are very stubborn, so be patient and rearrange tray three to five centimeters each time after its owner goes to relieve himself. It is likely that the nearer to the toilet, have to go back and repeat all the way from the beginning. Lucky those owners whose pets "more compliant".
  2. When the tray is standing near the toilet. The fun begins. It is necessary to accustom the cat to go to the toilet on the tray level. To do this, after each time the animal go to the toilet, and place them under the tray newspapers and magazines. Do not hurry! You need precision and accuracy. Do not exceed two centimeters at a time. It is necessary that the animal feel comfortable and slowly getting used to the altitude. Make sure the design was robust and do not let the tray fall. Gradually decrease the amount of filler. It is possible not to use a filler.
  3. When you reach the desired height you want to removeall papers and newspapers, and put the tray on the toilet. You can put himself in the toilet, and it is possible to cover - as someone comfortable. Now Filler is not needed at all. The main thing that the tray is securely attached or was stable. Your pet should feel comfortable and confident in your closet and not wobble from side to side, trying to keep his balance and at the same time relieve themselves. Agree, this situation is not pleasant.
  4. remove the trayremove the trayLast, the final stage isto remove the tray from the toilet. At this stage, failures occur most frequently. On the other hand, came to the usual place and not finding his tray, the animal will have to jump (out of habit) on the toilet and go and relieve your needs. If it does not, return the tray to the toilet and wait some more.
  5. If that fails, then cut a little at first,and then more and more of a hole in the tray. Over time, expand it until they were alone edge. The cat is almost sitting in the toilet and goes there, so failure in this case should not happen.
  6. Buy in-store special set of nation foraccustom the pet to the toilet. In such kits typically include special training trays, which allow to accustom the animal to a toilet bowl in an amount of two pieces. The second is intended for use when a failure at some stage of training. These kits are usually made of environmentally friendly materials and is suitable for any kind of toilet. Training can be carried out, starting from the age of three pet. Special tray can withstand cat or cat weighing up to twenty-five kilograms.
  7. The training program involves all of the same steps as with the conventional tray.

Fashion Shop

Set to accustom to the toilet
Set to accustom to the toilet

Accustom your pet to go to the toilet veryprofitable. This allows you to save on trays and fillers (statistics show that the annual accounts for one cat, two hundred kilograms of filler!), In the cleaning and detergents. Your pet will always be clean, and the house will always smell nice.

Also, somewhere to go, if necessary,leave your pet will be much easier to have friends or acquaintances. Many people refuse such requests only for the reason that the animal will have to clean up, change the filler and the like, and a cat, accustomed to the toilet, you just have to feed and stroke.

Accustoming the animal to the toilet, please be patient. Man gets used to something new for a long time, and the cat even more so. Do not force to force your pet to go to the toilet, to abuse and to lose his temper. The animal will not understand. His redundant fuse and aggression can only generate hostility towards the unknown white object with bubbling water inside. So accustom your pet to the toilet, have patience, and again patience. Gradually, step by step, centimeter by centimeter, and you will succeed.

How to accustom the cat to the toilet
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