How to wean cat labeled in the house

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Most cats love to leave theirtags. Until then, until the kitten has reached sexual maturity, and the owners will not be thinking about a similar issue, but when the cat grows to about 7-8 months of age, the beast begins to mark territory everywhere.

Maybe you're lucky and you'll never need to learn how to wean cat labeled in the house, because that is remarkable and joyful, not every cat is doing.

wrong decision

wrong decision

Leave everything as it is in any case impossible. After all, cats Tags very, very unpleasant smell, also bring them is not easy.

What often makes the owners? They're just trying zamyt traces of the cat and the animal severely criticized for such behavior. But, unfortunately, this is completely the wrong approach to the problem. As a result, your yelling and swearing cat will only begin to be afraid of you, but do not cease to mark territory.

In order to solve this problem, you need to initially understand why the animal behaves.

Remember: cat leaves marks not because you want revenge or anger you. For a cat that action is nothing more than marking their own territory. And if it starts to encroach any other cat, your pet is ready to defend personal space, even fight.

Who is the leader

Who is the leader?

Who is the leader?

Cats, like dogs, however, highly developedfamily hierarchy system. According to the unwritten rule to leave labels may not all cats, but only "major" - leaders. Yes, young kittens may seek to challenge the supremacy of another cat, trying to leave as much as possible marks on its territory, but their rebellious behavior longitudinally quickly gets pacification.

The main task of the host, even if it sounds a bit ridiculous and funny - to become the leader of his beloved cat, leader. The only way to stop the animal can be labeled with all the corners of the apartment.

Educate cat snout poking in these sametags? Beating his slippers and menacing cry? You know such behavior you will not achieve anything. When the cat will feel the smell of his own, his mind will emerge the idea that the way it should, and therefore need to continue to put all your tags.

Is there a way out of this situation? If so, what?



So, as soon as you notice that your cat is liftedtail and pulls them slightly, moving at the same time to the door or wall, start to be active. Only it is important to do what the cat is understandable. But what do you do?

Remember, only the cat knows whattend to communicate between members of its species. In other words, gestures, habits and sounds, which may produce exactly the cats. The best way to show your pet that you are the chief - to simulate a cat fight.

First take a cat by the scruff. Try to do it with one hand, if you do not get a pet or strongly resists, attract anybody assistant. When a cat stops twitching and take a so-called position kitten, ie squeeze legs and tail to the belly, consider that one of its goals you have already reached.

Next, you need to "win" in a cat fight. To do this, you need to give everything in his acting skills at one hundred percent.

simulating a fight

simulating a fight

The first thing you can do: poshipet like a cat. We never have done? Just as it is possible more menacing continuously say the voice sounds such as "F", "X" and "W".

The second option - to learn how to "feline" shock. Yes, do not be surprised! So, you need to do without making any power, only fingers beat a cat muzzle. It seems he blows paws in the fight with the enemy.

The third step: all you have to do really angry on your pet, because cats are capable of very thin to feel emotional state in which a person is. As it turned out, even the smell of the animal may be indicative of true emotions. If you are angry, but try to pet gentle voice beckon to him, he almost instantly feels catch and begin to bypass your side. In this situation, all the same way, if the cat will understand that your actions have absolutely no anger, he decides that you just play with it. And that's too bad, because in that case there will be absolutely no result.

Last, but incredibly important point: always look in the cat eye. For almost any animal similar look - the challenge and the one who will take the first toward the eye - the loser. Because of this, most cats do not start the persecution of opponents who turned away from them.

You have completed all the steps correctly? Then, your pet should stop resisting. If not, continue in the same spirit.

After a certain amount of time the cat will closeeyes or will turn away. Cat closed his eyes and began to meow? Great! Consider that you have won. This means you only the leader and you are supposed to mark territory. So be sure zamoyte all traces of cat and sprinkle these places own cologne or perfume, so you leave your smell.

How to wean cat labeled in the house
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