How to care for husky

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  1. Food
  2. In the apartment
  3. On the street

This breed has always been like huskies in our country are very popular. It is believed that these dogs - one of the most unpretentious. At the same time they are quite smart, kind, active and obedient.

Due to its constitution, just need to Laikaprovide agile and active lifestyle. And to do so is quite difficult due to employment and the availability of the apartment, and not at home. Therefore, the dogs have to spend most of the time, walking on a very limited area.

And because of this, among other things, Laika losesfitness: muscle begins fainting, simple load becomes painful, disturbed metabolism and there is a lot of diseases. Yeah, hunting this dog just can not be of any help ...

Remember that cultivate loyal, healthy dog ​​can be absolutely anywhere. Whether rural or town with a population of several million.

Huskies Wool deserves your veryattention. A healthy dog ​​should have a smooth, shiny coat. In addition, one of the ways to avoid skin conditions - provide good grooming.

Do you want your dog to always lookhealthy and beautiful? Then brush it often, because this breed is quite fades. You can even brush your hair every brush. First, the dog may not like very much, but with time and slowly and carefully combing procedure will have her liking. Laika will perceive it as a sign of concern on your part. And, of course, the answer is devotion and boundless love.

Wash dog basically necessary, conventionalsoap, which use themselves. When you wash your husky in the cold season, never let her out of the house until it is completely dry. You do not want your pet is sick?


Power huskies

Power huskies

By ensuring proper nutrition a dog, you will get far fewer problems with her health. Power - the most important point to ensure proper care for husky.

It is best if you feed your petall sorts of cereals with the addition of meat and offal. With fish need to be careful, because there are her views that any dog ​​there is not something that is not recommended, but downright dangerous.

It is important that your dog has never been hungry.

Grooming and proper diet, of course,incredibly important points, but do not forget, most importantly - the establishment of friendship and complete trust between you and your pet. If you set these points, you will find the most devoted friend in the world and a great helper on the hunt.

So try to pay a lot of attention husky,study its habits and character. After all, the representatives of this breed should be your communication. Try not to punish too severely ill dog is transferred. Stop what you just pat her mane and strictly say some cautionary words. Do not shout! Laiki quite quickly realize that they were wanted.

In the apartment

Care husky apartment
Care husky apartment

These dogs are incredibly active and freedom-loving. Therefore, it is very difficult in the confined space of the apartment. For hunting breed important daily paddock, and its duration should ideally be at least two hours.

And just walking is not enough, it is betteractive run. You can let go husky off the leash and give her will. For the safety of the animal to walk it must be far away from roads and cars. If you can not spend so much time every day, arrange for long walks at least 3 times a week.

The apartment has a dog have to beown place. Additionally, it should always be a bowl with fresh water. Choose a place that no dog will not interfere with the rest of the family, nor her no one interfered. At the selected location, and lay a mat accustom your pet to sleep only there.

Feed Husky is necessary to strictly follow the schedule.

On the street

Care husky outdoors
Care husky outdoors

For huskies live on the street are absolutely natural. Therefore, make sure to warm her spacious booth. It should be quite large, so the dog was placed there with ease. Best 1 meter in length and about 80 centimeters in height. Make sure the roof does not leak, and do not let the wind wall. At the entrance is best to hang a thick cloth, so there will always be warm in the booth.

Note the chain length, it should be as large as possible. Still the best way - to make the dog enclosure, where it can feel like a mistress.

You do not know how to care for a puppy huskies? Similarly, as for any other. Just remember the mandatory physical activity that are essential to this breed.

Always remember that a dog to man - the most faithful and devoted friend. So do everything to your friend lived as comfortable as possible.

How to care for husky
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