That dilutes the blood

That dilutes the blood

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  1. How can thin the blood
  2. Means to liquefy

In medicine, there is no such thing as a "thin outblood". In saying this, people mean decrease in blood clotting. You can do this by changing the diet. The diet should include a large number of liquids.

People who want to reduce blood clottingmay practically unlimited use cucumbers, as they consist of 97% water. In addition, it is helpful to drink tea from cranberries or drink a half glass of grape juice on a daily basis, it is perfectly reduces platelet activity. It is important to ensure that the foods that you eat, contain iodine. The largest "supplier" of this component can be called laminaria, it can not only reduce blood viscosity, but also improve vascular tone.

Very good help to thin out the blood products,containing taurine, it normalizes blood pressure. A large amount of it is contained in marine fish and seafood. It is important that the diet also included almonds and walnuts, rather just one tablespoon a day.

Eating garlic, you are also a bitlower your blood viscosity. Be sure to type in your diet grapefruit, melon, tomatoes and red bell peppers. Excellent thins the blood herb ginkgo biloba, sweet clover, cherry, sweet cherry. It is believed that the great "diluent" blood appears dry red wine. Drink only one cup per day during a meal, and you will feel great.

Knowing which foods contribute to liquefactionblood, would be nice to know, and what foods contribute to its thickening. These products include buckwheat, nettles, herbs (parsley, dill, spinach), bananas, cabbage, rose hips and rowan. Products from this list should eat less food, but better not to eat at all.

How can thin the blood

Horse chestnut blood thinners

Horse chestnut blood thinners

Very good way to thin the blood -Chestnut tincture. In addition, it is great to help with varicose veins and angina. Prepare it as follows: Pour 50 grams of peeled horse chestnut half a liter of vodka. Put it all in a dark place for about 2 weeks. Drink this remedy must be 30-40 drops, diluted in a quarter of sugar water. Eat better to just half an hour before meals three times a day. Course - 3 weeks. Then you need to make a break for seven days and repeat the course. First, the dosage may be somewhat less - approximately 25-27 drops twice a day. After a week of such a regime, begin taking the medication as described above.

To be treated in this way should be a month or two andevery year for prevention. Just be sure to keep in mind that in gastritis, constipation, delays and menstrual irregularities, lack of blood coagulation and thrombocytopenia chestnut is absolutely contraindicated.

In addition, if you are suffering from hypotension, youalso means you can not take it. Excessive use of drugs seizures can occur. Be aware that it is impossible to overdo it with blood thinners. After all, it is very dangerous to women bleeding and internal bleeding.

Means to liquefy

Infusion of melilot blood
Infusion of melilot blood

Once you have finished receiving chestnut candrink this infusion: mix equal parts flowers of prickly thorns and grass dandelion. Two large tablespoons of this mixture necessary to insist for 4 hours in a 400 ml of boiling water. Eat need for half a cup four times a day. It is very important during such a treatment does not eat eggs and meat. Infusion of a drink twice a year for two weeks. With these recipes the blood becomes the way it should be in an absolutely healthy person.

Not bad clover reduces blood clotting. Prepare a tincture: Pour one teaspoon of herbs cup of boiling water. Drink a half cup three times a day. This drug has a spasmolytic effect and it reduces the viscosity of the blood. Drink it must be at least a month.

Good tool, not only for blood thinners,but also for the purification of vessels - Dioscorea Caucasian. Prepare the broth as follows: Pour a bottle of vodka, 60 grams of plant roots. Allow to infuse for two weeks in a dark place. Then strain and store in refrigerator. Take 25 drops is necessary, all washed down with water, three times a day after 20 minutes after a meal. The course lasts for 3 weeks, followed by a break for a week. Thus, you have to spend at least 3-4 courses.

Mulberry blood
Mulberry blood

Mulberry. Its roots perfectly thin the blood. Take 200 grams of fresh roots, chop them and rinse. Then add up all in a pan, pour 3 liters of cold water and leave it alone for just one hour.

Then light a small fire, and after 15 minutesafter boiling, remove the broth and cool. Stored in the refrigerator is the means. Drink it needs three times a day for a 200 gram food. The course is 5 days, and then a two-day break. Total need to make 2-3 such courses.

Tincture of drug galega perfectlyreduces blood viscosity. Drink a 40-60 drops of 10 percent galega tincture three times a day for a month. The course is for six months with the same interval. Are you really surprised by the result.

Drink once a day at least 120 gramsorange juice. This is an amazing tool for its action, in addition, it gives the body a good dose of vitamin C. But always keep in mind the time that the orange juice is not something that is not recommended, it just is contraindicated in gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Very good results on blood thinners givesginger and cinnamon. You will need: about 4 cm of fresh ginger, a little cinnamon, a teaspoon of green tea. All this is poured half a liter of boiling water.

After this infusion necessarily brew. It must drain and add a little lemon and honey. Drink a whole volume in a single day.

The viscosity of the blood can reduce the raspberries. If you are going to eat seven teaspoons raspberry jam a day, six months notice a significant improvement in their health. In raspberries contains Vitamins C and R that can strengthen blood vessels and salicylic acid. This makes a lovely berry and most importantly a safe substitute for aspirin.

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