How to get rid of toothache

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Rather, each of us knows whattoothache. And how strong it is. Pain - real torture, which can distract from all the work, detached from their traditional way of life and not give rest for a day.

Of course, it is better just not to reach such a state, when a toothache occurs. But if it appeared that nothing can be done, you will have to get rid of it.

Note!If you have a toothache, visit your dentist!

In all developed countries, it is obligatorya visit to the dentist at least once every six months for the planned inspection. Only in our country, these doctors still terribly afraid. And in vain! This is something that you need to find the time, effort and money always.

If you have to delay the visit to the dentist, thenread our article, in it, we'll get rid of a toothache quickly at home, look at the different ways (without pills, folk remedies).


remove the pain
remove the pain

First, let's consider the easiest option: the pain originated in the time when you are at home or somewhere at a party.

Toothache appeared during the meal? Then be sure to stop there, clean the teeth of any food debris. Your next step - taking pill anesthetic (analgin, ibuprofen).

If the hand is not absolutely no suitable tablet, you can use a wonderful and truly effective recipe: soak a cotton swab valokordin and attach to the sore tooth.

In addition, if you are at home, you canrinse your mouth with a solution of soda. Adding a few drops of iodine, make this tool even more effective. You can to relieve pain, use a frost. If special preparations you have, simply attach a piece of ice to the tooth that hurts. This will give effect, but rather short.

You was not at home is absolutely no pain pills? Yes, and it is impossible to go to the drugstore? It's all a bit complicated situation.


People's treatment
People's treatment

If you are somewhere outside the home, for example, went to rest on a summer residence, quickly get rid of a toothache can help traditional medicine.

  1. The root of plantain. It is great to remove toothache. In order to alleviate their condition, take the root of plantain and place it at the ear on the side of which is a bad tooth. After about 30 minutes, you should feel the effect of the long-awaited relief.
  2. Sage. To relieve the pain, it is best to prepare a decoction of the plant. To do this: Pour a tablespoon of herbs glass of water, then boil it all, and let stand at least an hour. Therefore broth you must rinse your mouth about 3-5 times every half hour. Try to keep the drug does not cool down, because once that happens, you will need to change it.
  3. Garlic / Onion. Very good help for toothache mixture of ingredients: garlic, onion and salt. Make onion-garlic mush, add to it a little salt and a good All mix. Take each component should be in equal proportions. Put the resulting mixture onto the tooth, and then close all the cotton swab.
  4. Oregano. It is also very well cope with the pain. You just need to prepare an infusion of this plant. Recipe: Take ten parts water to one part oregano. Rinse your mouth with infusion.
  5. Propolis. Another great tool of folk medicine. Just take a small piece of propolis and apply to the aching tooth. Substances that are contained in propolis is used not only to remove the dental pain, but also for the treatment of many other diseases.
  6. Garlic. Traditional medicine offers us a method that helps to eliminate dental pain, using only one garlic. Quite simply rub the spot on her wrist where your pulse is felt ordinary garlic. Now, strapped his slice to the same place. Make sure that the garlic juice gets on your skin. Important: if you have a toothache, located on the left side of the mouth, primatyvayte garlic to the right hand and vice versa.

Now you know what to do when a toothache and can help themselves, even if no medication is not at hand.

unconventional treatment

unconventional treatment

In addition to folk and medication, dental pain can still be cured by so-called non-traditional methods:

  • massage the ear. Hold your thumb and forefinger over the top edge of the ear on the side of which is the patient zuyu. Now start massaging it. This massage should take you about 5-7 minutes. You can not be limited to the upper edge of the ear, massage and even his earlobe.
  • hand massage. Arm cube folk, take it in the hand, by which the toothache. Now start to massage the second hand in the area where overlaps the index finger and thumb. This place should be massaged in a circular uniform motion. To remove a toothache should last 5-7 minutes of this massage.
  • a distraction from the pain. Did you know that positive emotions - a great pain reliever? So, get some really funny comedy and watch it, read jokes. In general, try to get as much emotion to get a good laugh. This will switch your pain receptors with a laugh.
  • emotions. The opposite - negative emotions - also surprisingly dull the pain. Therefore, your task - to cause crying. Which way you do it, it's up to you. If you want, you can just cut a few bulbs. Scientists have shown that crying has the ability to reduce the pressure in the gums, thereby slightly reducing pain.

Work out some thing that will entice youwith his head. You do have some favorite and very interesting to do? Now is the time when they do go. Try to distract yourself at one hundred percent, and then wait for visiting the dental office will not have so painfully slow.

How to get rid of toothache
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