Why a stomach ache during pregnancy

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  1. Ecological situation

Pregnancy - is a state of grace forany woman. Knowing that will soon become a mother, is invaluable. At times, some malaise mar this happy time. Toxicosis, varying degrees of pain, mood swings. But this woman staunchly experience, cherishing a hope to become a mother. The growing belly, round, sweet feeling of gravity in the abdomen, walking on the children's shopping and smiling passers-by to help overcome the unpleasant moments.

And suddenly - a pain. In pregnancy, it could signal a lot, sometimes carrying a risk of loss of the desired child. In this article we will explain why a stomach ache during pregnancy in early pregnancy (as menstruation), look at the causes of lower abdominal pain.

Pain symptoms were divided depending on the course of pregnancy:

  • pain in the normal development of the pregnancy
  • pain in the pathological development of pregnancy.




  1. The egg, fertilized, looking for a place in theuterus. It literally "bites" into the uterine wall, trying to gain a foothold. When such a phenomenon often felt pain in the abdomen, and there are bloody spotting. implantation period egg in the uterine wall is the same with the next menstrual cycle, the background of which is the lack of developed hormones.

It is enough to visit a gynecologist to dispel doubts about the miscarriage.

  1. Hormonal changes earlyuterine pregnancy and the growing pressure on the bladder accompanied by frequent pulling pain in the abdomen. These phenomena are also characterized by frequent urination. In order to avoid infection of the urinary tract women should regularly take a urine sample.
  2. The increasing heaviness of the uterus weightIt contributes to tension the connecting ligaments that hold the uterus in the pelvic cavity between the ilium above the vagina. ligament tension often causes severe pain in the suprapubic and inguinal folds. Sharp turns torso, weight lifting, coughing and sneezing reinforce the sensation of pain.

Iliac bone to support the uterus become when it reaches its upper surface. At this time, the pain inferior because it weakens the tension of the connecting cords.

  1. When a woman suffers surgicalintervention, inflammation or trauma, the scar may remain on the front wall of the stomach or abdominal adhesions. These "footprints" may stretch the uterus growth. Pain felt in the area of ​​an old wound.


Pathological pregnancy
Pathological pregnancy
  1. Miscarriage. The most characteristic of early pregnancy.

Pain in this case are of two types:

  • drawing constant uterine muscles characterized by constant high tone
  • periodic cramping muscle layer is reduced periodically

The threat of miscarriage, in both cases pronounced. Long compression placental vessels contributes sharp decrease fetal supply nutrients and oxygen. Partial or complete placental abruption can cause severe uterine contractions, which will be accompanied by heavy bleeding. Often in such cases can not rescue the child.

  1. Inflammation of urinary tractaccompanied by pain and is a major cause of miscarriage. In this case, are characteristic, high temperature mother's body, pathological purulent vaginal discharge, deterioration of general health.
  2. Cervical incompetence does not allowmother's uterus to recognize the opening process. This also contributes to the lack of sensory nerve endings in the cervix. At the first sensation of pain in this case it is best to consult a doctor immediately to rule out the risk of miscarriage.

Doctors strongly recommend that at the first sensation of pain apply to the gynecology department.

Ecological situation

A healthy diet and lifestyle is not correctalways stand guarantor happy pregnancy. But this does not mean that you should not give up bad habits. Furthermore, various drugs can have side effects, including pain. If pregnancy should consult a physician before taking this or that drug. This applies also to cosmetics which are rubbed into the skin.

Pregnancy is a special condition of the femalethe body when the body requires meticulous care. But the pregnancy - is not a disease. Needless to "sedentary" lifestyle can adversely affect a woman's body. You can enroll in a special group exercises for pregnant women, often walking in the fresh air, swimming pool. All this will help to overcome the temporary non-hazardous ailment and then successfully give birth to a new man.

Why a stomach ache during pregnancy
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