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What foods contain folic acid

Table of contents:

  1. What is folic acid
  2. Norms of folic acid consumption
  3. Products containing large amounts of vitamin B9
  4. Folic acid in medicinal plants
  5. Folic acid in cereals and nuts
  6. Folic acid is found in animal products
  7. food processing methods
  8. Keeping folic acid in the body
  9. Lack of vitamin B9

For the health and longevity of a person does not need toonly conduct a correct way of life, but also eat foods rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals. It occupies a special place folic acid among the most important trace elements for human health. Its disadvantage worsens the general condition of the body, problems with the thyroid gland. To maintain health and strengthen the immune system is necessary every day to eat foods rich in vitamin B9.

What is folic acid

Folic acid in foods

Folic acid in foods

Folic acid is a vitamin B9. She has been actively involved in the development of the immune and circulatory systems of the person. It is important to promptly begin taking folic acid to women who are pregnant. Its deficiency can lead to fetal malformations.

Positive properties of folic acid wereproved in the mid 30s of the 20th century, when the experiment with yeast extract intake by pregnant women. Scientists have for the first time been able to synthesize it chemically produced in the mid 40s. 20th century.

What is the use of taking this vitamin for the body?

Vitamin B9 fetal development
Vitamin B9 fetal development

Folic acid is the principal conductor of the regeneration of tissue cells. Also actively supports the growth of all cells in the body.

Note!Its reception in the most important growth periods - the prenatal period, childhood, adolescence.

No less important is the role of vitamin B9 in the creation and replication of DNA cells. Lack acid may impair development and provoke the emergence and growth of cancer cells.

Folic acid is an active conductor to create sperm. Therefore, men also need to take foods rich in this vitamin.

Norms of folic acid consumption

The rate of vitamin B9

The rate of vitamin B9

How much vitamin B9 is recommended to use a person per day? Rates depend on the reception floor, the person's age, state of health.

In adults, the body has a margin of folic acid. It is located in the liver. In the event of deficiency or increased need for vitamin B9 stock can be spent.

In order to determine the daily rate of consumption of vitamin B9 person, scientists introduced a unit of measurement - pg. It means - microgram. 1 microgram corresponds to one millionth of a gram.

  1. Women who are in a position, should consume 600 mcg of vitamin B9 daily.
  2. The daily rate of breastfeeding mothers - 500 mcg.
  3. The rate of vitamin B9 adult - 400 mcg.
  4. In children younger than 1 year - 50 mg.
  5. Up to 3 years - 100 mcg.
  6. At the age of 10 - 150 micrograms.
  7. In adolescence, the daily rate of intake should be 200 mg.

Products containing large amounts of vitamin B9



Each person needs every day to eat foods containing folic acid. To do this, you need to know in what kind of product it contains.

Note!The name "folic acid" comes from the Latin word, means "leaf". Indeed, folic acid can be found in the leaves of green plants.

It can be found in almost all vegetables, fruits and berries.

The greatest amount of vitamin B9 contains:

  • parsley
  • tops from vegetables
  • salad (green)
  • spinach

Also, large amounts of vitamin B9 may be found in the leaves of the cabbage. It is also helpful to use a horse-radish and leeks.



Vitamin B9 rich in fruits and leaves of fruit, such as:

  • briar
  • currant
  • raspberries
  • ramson

Among fruits leading position in the folic acid content is occupied:

  • melons
  • bananas
  • citrus
  • peaches
  • apricots
Note!It is recommended to eat fruit fresh. It is also useful to drink juices and fruit drinks on the basis of fruits.

Folic acid in medicinal plants



Folic acid can be found in the leaves of birch, yarrow, lime leaves. Among the herbs that contain vitamin B9, it may be noted plantain, dandelion, nettle, peppermint.

To receive vitamin B9 should be selected fresh plant leaves, wash them and cook the broth in a water bath. Ready broth should be taken at least 2 times a day before meals.

Folic acid in cereals and nuts



No less rich in vitamin B9 and cereals. Eating products made of flour promotes good absorption of vitamin B9.

Folic acid has the following cereals:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • barley
  • millet
Note!The largest of its content has meal.



Nuts are rich in the content of various vitamins, including folic acid and eat. Most of it is contained in nuts such as:

  • peanut
  • hazelnut
  • Walnut
  • pine nuts
  • almond

Folic acid is found in animal products



A fish. According to the content of vitamin B9 in animal products takes the leading position the fish.

Note!Fish is an indispensable source of folic acid.

The greatest amount of its available in the following types of fish:

  • trout
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • salmon

For better assimilation of folic acid is recommended to eat fish, steamed or boiled.

liver stew

liver stew

Meat. Meat products are also rich in various vitamins, including folate.

Note!The undoubted leader here is the liver.

Vitamin B9 is contained in the following types of meat:

  • poultry meat (especially chicken)
  • pork
  • mutton
  • beef

Eggs. A number of different vitamins found in chicken eggs. It is recommended to use them raw or boiled.

Dairy foods contain folic acid

Dairy foods contain folic acid

Dairy. Vitamin B9 is and in dairy products. It should be noted that it is not recommended to use products with a high degree of processing and containing chemicals.

Note!It is recommended to use natural home and country products. Their content is completely safe and useful.

Large amounts of vitamin B9 include the following dairy products:

  • cottage cheese
  • cheese
  • sour cream
  • ryazhenka
  • milk (preferably consumed fresh)
  • kefir

food processing methods

Proper cooking

Proper cooking

To the maximum vitamin B9 fed into the body, it is necessary to correctly handle the food, not to destroy them contained vitamin B9.

  • Whenever possible, it is recommended to take products in raw form.
  • should be thoroughly washed before eating fruits and vegetables under running water and dry with a towel.
  • In order to minimize the destruction of the vitamin during heat treatment, it should be possible to reduce the cooking time and cover the pan with a lid.
  • To save the folic acid molecules can be used grains of sugar. They should be added while cooking.
  • It is important to observe the basic rulescooking, because when the process of frying folic acid content is only 5%. Cooked products lose 90% of their folic acid contents. The boiled eggs is only half of the content of vitamin B9.

Keeping folic acid in the body

Folic acid tablets

Folic acid tablets

However, the use of folic acid, even in large quantities, is not enough. It is also necessary that it is well absorbed in the body.

Unfortunately, many people weakened immunitytaking antibiotics. This greatly reduces the body's ability to accept and synthesize folic acid. The fact that a weakened immune system and reduces the destruction of the normal intestinal flora responsible for the synthesis and the uptake of folic acid.

Note!To prevent this, it is recommended to consume folic acid in the various vitamin and multivitamin complexes.



To restore the intestinal microflorayou must use different biokefirnye complexes containing useful intestinal flora bacteria. Useful yogurt, kefir, curds containing bifidobacteria.

Lack of vitamin B9

Folic acid deficiency

Folic acid deficiency

What will happen if the body lack of vitamin B9?

Note!First of all, the lack of it is dangerous for pregnant women, young children and adolescents.

Deficiency of vitamin B9 in the body canprovoke irreversible effects in humans. Reduce its immunity, decrease the rate of cell division decreases blood clotting. It may be a malfunction of the circulatory system, the digestive system. the flow of oxygen to the cells of the body will be limited.

Bad feeling

Bad feeling

Deficiency of vitamin B9 in the body affects thehuman well-being. There are signs of fatigue, constant sleepiness, excessive fatigue. Reduced appetite. Man with vitamin B9 deficiency is most susceptible to various diseases. His immune system has elevated weakness.

Deficiency of vitamin B9 in pregnant women face the advent of various fetal malformations and, in some cases, death.

What foods contain folic acid
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