Harbingers of births to multiparous

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  1. The course of childbirth
  2. The deterioration of appetite
  3. "Omission" belly

Births multiparous are much easier,than women who give birth for the first time. And not just in the physical sense, but also psychologically as giving birth a second time, she already knows how all this will take place. Similarly, in the physical sense it a little easier, because the contractions are no longer for her, something very terrible. And in that moment, she tries to be focused, as already know exactly how it should act and what to do in the future. And what she was thinking at this moment - is the appearance of a baby into the world.

Harbingers of labor in multiparous than anyThey do not differ from precursors in nulliparous, but still have some distinctive features. They lie in the fact that the signs of labor in multiparous may be a bit later or earlier than the nulliparous. Also, more than can be expressed themselves harbingers of fast delivery. But it is also not excluded that the repeated childbirth can be the most complicated and difficult than the first. This may depend on many factors including the health of the woman and the age at which it bears a second child. But be that as it may, the second time giving birth, a woman takes birth as the first harbingers of happiness and joy to see you soon with the child. She is not afraid to experience the same pain as clearly understands that it is ahead.

The course of childbirth

Births multiparous occur much faster,than in nulliparous, and may even take place rapidly. It happens so because after the first birth in the body have been changes at the physiological level. At the time of the second birth the cervix dilates up to seven hours, and the last out for thirty minutes, whereas at first birth, these figures exactly half more.

The deterioration of appetite

The deterioration of appetite

The forerunners of births to multiparous areappetite loss, which leads to weight loss may also occur unstable emotional state women. This is due to changes in hormonal levels. Also harbingers of births to multiparous are false and nature fights. These contractions contribute to the fact that the body is preparing yourself to the work of labor uterus.

"Omission" belly

Repeated delivery of about two daysbelly of a woman falls. Another harbinger of births to multiparous is a mucus plug, departing from the cervix. But childbirth itself begins when contractions become regular and begin to withdraw amniotic fluid. Contractions time multiparous last less than nulliparous. And the next can begin attempts that lead to the appearance of a baby into the world.

But it happens and so that the first pregnancy wentnot as successful as hoped, and certainly as a result of the woman has fears and fear of the second birth. But if you do not get rid of them, it may, at the second pregnancy adversely affect the baby's health.

In order for pregnancy and childbirth proceeded well need to be relaxed and happy, and if all goes well and is engraved in the memory only moments of joy from the appearance of a baby into the world.

And your labor will be successful!
And your labor will be successful!

Harbingers of births to multiparous
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