The consequences of abortion

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  2. Mini abortion
  3. First
  4. Psychological effects

Every woman knows that abortion is harmful and dangerousfor the female body. Doctors and various medical organizations are constantly warned that the consequences of abortion may be severe and sometimes irreparable. Still, the number of abortions increased steadily. But statistics are only known official figures. The exact number of illegal abortions is not known by anybody. Surely it is a terrible figure.

Undoubtedly, there are times when an abortion is necessaryand an indication physician. This is a different genetic abnormalities in fetal development, identified as a result of amniocentesis, and various diseases associated with the risk for the health and life of the mother.

If the decision to have an abortion is still accepted,to do it with the utmost care. This means that operation must be carried out only in the gynecological hospital. Before the abortion is necessary to pass all the required tests and get a doctor's referral. Based on the analysis, examination and duration of pregnancy the doctor will recommend a suitable method of abortion.

Abortions are divided into early (gestational age of 12 weeks) and late abortion (12 to 28 weeks). Doctors try, if possible, to carry out abortions in the early stages. There is also a kind of abortion, as a mini - abortion (is on the very early stages of pregnancy - from 12 to 25 days delay).

Medical abortion

The consequences of medical abortion

The consequences of medical abortion

At a delay of up to 42 days may conductmedical abortion (with the help of French tablets). Action tablets is based on blocking specific receptors of the uterus, are responsible for the preservation and development of the fetus.

Compared with surgical abortion species,effects after medical abortion - minimum. This is the safest option for a woman's health. Tools do not penetrate into the uterus, no tears, cuts or other damage. What is very important, there are no complications after anesthesia. In this way, medical abortion It is the most appropriate method of termination of pregnancy for up to 6 weeks.

The disadvantage of medical abortion issignificant reduction in efficiency with increasing time. In other words, rather than later performed medical abortion, the less likely the desired effect.
Mifepristone is used for medical abortion, sometimes causing serious side effects, and in some cases death.

Mini abortion

The consequences of a mini-abortion
The consequences of a mini-abortion

Interruption in early pregnancy is called abortion minior vacuum aspiration (vacuum abortion). This is a non-surgical method of abortion. He held a special device, the operating principle is like a vacuum cleaner. Mini abortion is not so dangerous as a surgical abortion. In some cases, it is even more preferable than medical abortion.

On the positive side of this type of abortioninclude a very small chance of complications. The risk of heavy bleeding, uterine perforation and infection - is relatively small. Mini abortion in most cases performed under local anesthesia and takes a bit of time (the average duration of operation 2-10 minutes).

After 14 days after mini-abortion need to be examined by a gynecologist to make sure that the operation was without effect and, if necessary, to prevent possible complications.

The consequences of a mini abortion in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor will be minimal.


The consequences of the first abortion
The consequences of the first abortion

Any abortion - a biological injury. The body gets serious hormonal failure, impaired operation of endocrine glands and the nervous system.

The first dangerous abortion complications. Moreover, they can be approximate, and distant. Diseases triggered by induced abortion, most often lead to chronic gynecological diseases and infertility. Any kind of abortion negative impact on women of child-bearing function.

In nulliparous women the mucous membrane,covering the cavity of the uterus - is thin and vulnerable. During the surgery it is easily injured and inflamed. Acute inflammatory processes are fraught with serious chronic diseases. Acute effects may also include venous thrombosis. It occurs in the lower limbs, resulting in falling into the blood clots. The effects of anesthesia are also dangerous, and sometimes fatal. Cardiac arrhythmias and liver function abnormalities in the respiratory system - all these effects of anesthesia. There is also a risk of anaphylactic shock.

For women with Rh-negative blood firstAbortion is doubly dangerous. Regardless of fetal Rh factor, it is always the first pregnancy is proceeding normally, but often causes subsequent Rh-conflict. It can be a cause of hemolytic anemia in children.

Therefore, deciding to make the first abortion, we must remember that the second pregnancy may no longer be.

Psychological effects

What are the psychological effects occur after abortion
What are the psychological effects occur after abortion

A woman can decide to artificialabortion for various reasons. Alcoholism in the family, financial and housing problems, lack of confidence between the partners - all this often leads to the decision of a woman to have an abortion. But abortion - is a serious stress.

Even if the operation for medical abortion is successful, some malfunction of the nervous system still inevitable.

Deciding to terminate a pregnancy, and thus,solve their problems, many women are still not fully aware that only aggravate the situation. It joins an external conflict inner conflict. It arises because any woman subconsciously feels that her mission - is procreation. The feeling of fear and loneliness, nightmares and debilitating insomnia - The consequences after the abortion, arising due to the overwhelming sense of guilt.

This emotional pain is rarely passes without helpspecialist. Moreover, such conditions can cause a kind of chain reaction. Can develop a variety of somatic diseases, and women are three female patients while physicians - general practitioner, gynecologist and psychotherapist.

In medicine, severe psychological consequences ofabortion is called "post-abortion syndrome." It involves a whole range of mental, psychological and psychosomatic disorders. But this problem is solved. "Post-abortion syndrome" is treated, and quite successfully.

Abortion is now carried out in large numbers. Experts believe that this phenomenon existed, and will exist, despite the many negative physical and emotional effects. But still - still, it is better not forget that after the operation of abortion a woman's body experiences a real shock. The first - the hormone.

If abortion is inevitable, it is inadmissible to try toget rid of the pregnancy alone. Refer to a professional in a specialized medical institution. The gynecologist will give all the necessary recommendations. Properly carried out the operation and follow-up at the gynecologist will minimize the potential consequences.

The consequences of abortion
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