Late abortion

Late abortion

Table of contents:

  1. Forms of termination of pregnancy
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Effects
  4. Where do

The miracle of childbirth since ancient times believed somethingbright, kind and available only to the mysterious female body. There is nothing remarkable, than feel like inside you develop small and so precious life is sometimes a tiny elbow rests in your hand, through your body tissue, but sometimes it all happens in a different way ...

It is unlikely that there will be people positively related toabortion, but, nevertheless, have an abortion - a way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, a method of family planning. Nobody argues that abortion can be considered murder an unborn man, in addition to an enormous stress for the mother's body, both physiological and psychological, but sometimes add up situations where childbearing is impossible. Sometimes it happens that pregnancy to be interrupted because of health problems, social problems or at the request of the woman herself.

Forms of termination of pregnancy

Forms of termination of pregnancy

There are two types of abortion:

  • Spontaneous abortion (this is non-mechanicalrejection of the fetus from the uterus, before the moment when the body of the embryo can operate independently). Determine the cause of "abortion" doctors can not find - the effect may have a previous abortion, a pregnant woman lifting weights, bad habits, mental breakdowns, or the presence of complex diseases.
  • Induced abortion:
  1. Vacuum (mini) abortion (with the help of vacuum suction is removed from the uterus fertilized egg, with a term of up to 20 days delay)

  2. Medical (Performed without surgery, by acting on the uterus chemicals that cause rejection of the fetus, such an operation is carried out for up to 60 days delay)

  3. Medical (done in the second trimester andIt resembles a mini-abortion, except that the embryo is not sucked and scraping, the fruit is divided into pieces and removed from the uterus). In such abortions have a high probability of producing mechanical damage to the uterine wall, which in the future can lead to serious health problems, including death.

  4. Finally, late-term abortions: surgery, induced labor and pouring salt. Let us dwell on them specifically.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for termination of pregnancy

Terms and conditions for termination of pregnancy

After 12 weeks of this fact, as the desirethe woman to have an abortion is excluded. Late abortion is done for medical or social reasons after installing reasons (maternal or fetal health). Only the medical board or the court may determine the need for abortions on late term, though the reasons may be different - the pathology of the fetus, a severe form of the disease in the mother, social failure of women, as a parent, the fact of rape, deprivation of survivor (spouse) while carrying a child, and so on .d. But what would have been the causes of abortion - it is still a dangerous interference with the vital functions of the body, so it is better to avoid it.

Pregnancy can be interrupted by artificial means inwithin 13 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. While most late-term abortion can be considered a 28-week period, the rest will fall into the category of artificial birth (the baby is not put to death the mother's womb, that is, the fact of birth - is, as a child - will not).

If you still have an abortion is necessary, you should do the following:

  • Refer to the antenatal clinic and get information about pregnancy and health,
  • Donate blood for hormone analysis,
  • Perform ultrasound examination,
  • Before abortion doctor should give advice on methods of abortions and warn consequences.
  • Women need to provide competent counseling and support.

Late-term abortions
Late-term abortions

1) Consider now recognized as ineffective saline abortion method salt or pouring. In the bag of amniotic fluid, which houses the fetus vaginally inserted the needle. A certain amount of amniotic fluid is pumped out, and instead poured caustic brine, which gradually kills the embryo. Deprivation of life of the fetus in this way is extremely cruel, because first, the embryo receives a chemical burn of the mucous membranes and skin, then there is a painful process of dehydration and, finally, the outpouring of blood to the brain. All this time the embryo is beating in spasms and cramps that can bring additional trauma mother. Torment to an unborn baby last from 24 to 48 hours, then the muscles of the uterus come in tone and reject the dead fetus, while it looks like it was scalded with boiling water, the whole skin has a bright maroon-purple color. The risk of complications after this type of abortion is very high, as well as after each of the types of abortion at later stages.

2) If a woman's health indications contraindicated saline abortion, she with the help of specialized medicines cause miscarriage (Uterus contracts, and there is a "miscarriage"). Sensations mother thus the same as at ordinary birth, except that contractions by artificial stimulation occurs.

3) There is also another method of lateabortion, called "small" by Caesarean section. This operation is essentially no different from the standard cesarean section - an incision is made and the child is removed from the uterus, and then sacrificed by air overlap to the respiratory tract (asphyxia). This method affects the woman's ability to further fertility, but sometimes it is the only way to save her life.


The consequences of late abortion
The consequences of late abortion

For every woman has an abortion effectsThis is due to physiological andpsychological characteristics of an organism. In one case, everything can go perfectly - and the doctor was highly qualified and all preoperative and postoperative conditions were met, but the woman will suffer complications, otherwise it may be that women's health is out of danger - although late-term abortion is unlikely.

The most unfavorable outcome of abortion isbleeding, the uterus after an abortion does not come out of the tone and condition of the blood vessels are not blocked. If the blood loss is large, possibly fatal.

It is also very carefully after the operation you needmonitor genital hygiene to prevent infection and inflammatory diseases, as after abortion are slow and sometimes take the form of chronic, which again can also be a barrier to re-pregnancy (secondary infertility).

Where do

Where do late abortions
Where do late abortions

It is important to know that the operation interruptionbirth abortion done only in specialized gynecological institutions with attached abortion clinics, competent doctors and the necessary equipment. The specialist must observe all the rules of aseptic, conduct counseling before and after abortion. After an abortion, be sure to follow all instructions and recommendations. Remember that home abortions can be extremely dangerous! Do not risk your health.

Medicine today has moved far forward, so skilled professionals will help you find it is the option that will be for you, the most acceptable.

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