How to take Slimming fitosprey

How to take Slimming fitosprey

Table of contents:

  1. application rules
  2. Composition fitospreya
  3. Act
  4. Contraindications and side effects
  5. Pros and cons of the drug
  6. Where to buy and how much it costs fitosprey?

Lack of time, lack of exercise,stress and poor diet - all this is the cause of weight gain and loss of health. But what you do not want to starve yourself, to make jogging or go for long walks. Diets, running and gym require not only desire, but also time. Are there any miracle remedy that will eliminate the health problems and excess weight?

Modern nutritionists have developed an innovativeproduct - fitosprey slimming. This product is certified and complies with international standards, which indicates the efficiency and safety features. Miracle bottle fitospreya contains only natural substances that reduce hunger, accelerate metabolism and burn body fat.

People who are overweight, are interested inhow to take fitosprey diet, so it does not hurt and helped to achieve the desired effect. Apply the product is very simple - it should be sprayed into the mouth.

The result can be observed after three to four days of preparation. For a more thorough study of the rules of the drug, you need to read the instructions.

application rules

How to use fitospreem

How to use fitospreem

Terms of Use spray as follows:

  • injecting drug should be twenty minutes before the main meal;
  • between meals if there is an unbearable hunger, one puff will help get rid of the desire to eat a muffin or a sandwich;
  • You can not use the tool on an empty stomach in the morning you need to be sure to eat a small portion of herculean porridge, fruit salad or a spoonful of cottage cheese;
  • eating small portions, at least four or five times a day.

Composition fitospreya

Composition fitospreya

Like many slimming, fitosprey contains a standard set of components that are used for weight loss:

  1. Green coffee:
    • burns body fat;
    • takes the excess water;
    • It reduces appetite.
    • Garcinia Extract:
      • reduce hunger;
      • It burns carbohydrates.
      • Goji berries:
        • They contain large amounts of vitamins;
        • accelerate metabolism.
        • The extract of mango and acai:
          • It speeds up the metabolic processes in the body;
          • increases physical activity.
          • Lemon acid:
            • It reduces appetite;
            • It strengthens the immune system.
            • Peppermint and menthol:
              • freshen breath;
              • accelerate the process of metabolism.


              Action fitospreyaAction fitospreya

              The drug should be used for persons suffering from obesity who do not have the possibility to adhere to strict diets and exercise actively. The drug has the following action:

              1. Reduced appetite and hungerThat results in a rapid decrease of saturation and portions.
              2. Increased activity and fatigue passes.
              3. It accelerates metabolism and all eaten completely absorbed during the day.
              4. Because the body is derived excess water.
              5. The vitamins that make up the means, increase immunity and improve skin condition.

              Contraindications and side effects

              Pregnancy is a contraindicationPregnancy is a contraindication

              Special contraindications drug has not, it is not recommended to use it:

              • kiddies under 12 years old;
              • nursing mums;
              • pregnant women;
              • people suffering from allergies.

              If we talk about the side effects, they are not. The preparation consists exclusively of natural ingredients that are not harmful to the body.

              Pros and cons of the drug


              • no side effects;
              • the drug has been certified;
              • It does not contain chemical substances;
              • rapidly absorbed into the blood and acts on the body much faster than other slimming;
              • there is no need to wash down with water;
              • very convenient and compact package, you can take the spray with you;
              • nice fresh breath.

              small volumesmall volume


              • a small amount of the drug;
              • is the probability of occurrence of sludge at the bottom, which does not affect the quality means. To prevent sludge before each use of the vial should be shaken.

              Where to buy and how much it costs fitosprey?

              Where to buy and how much it costsWhere to buy and how much it costs

              Thus, we consider where to buy the drug. This can be done in several ways:

              • The official website of the manufacturer. After filling out a special form, the company's manager will call you back within the hour and clarify all the details of the order.
              • The site company representatives (dealers).
              • In the online stores.
              • The pharmacy network.

              How much is the drug?

              • For residents of Russia fitospreya cost from 990 rubles in the pharmacy network and 1,300 rubles in the order on the official website with delivery.
              • For residents of Ukraine cost of the drug cost from 399 to 740 hryvnia, depending on the region and the method of delivery.

              In order to decide whether to buy or not to buyfitosprey for weight loss, it is desirable to get acquainted with numerous references: positive and negative. To some this drug has helped to find harmony, and for some it was just a waste of money and frustration.

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