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  1. How is the return of shoes in the store Zapata
  2. How to pay for the purchase in the online store Sapata

Catastrophic lack of time, which distinguishesmodern life, is the reason for the search for new methods and solutions, saving time is the most scarce, which, as you know - money. And in fact, if we had spent a lot of hours, effort and nerves in search of the necessary things, neglecting other opportunities and business, today is enough to go online and buy products, comfortably sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee or tea. It will take you less than an hour. Is not it a miracle Mods and fashionable women, young and mature people, ladies and gentlemen - is now all use the services of online stores will appreciate this wonderful service. Online Shop shoes with high-level service and attention to each client, a wide selection of high-quality fashion footwear world famous brands and affordable prices rightly popular with pokupateley.U You can find shoes for every occasion and season, for men and women regardless of age. From warm winter boots to thin summer sandals, from the model of fine shoes with heels to youth "puppet" of ballet, from solid shoes from expensive leather to sports shoes - in the pages of our catalog you will find everything you want, and even a little more, we also offer! you children's shoes, made with all the features of the growing organism. After all, it is no secret that the formation of the child's foot is under the influence of shape shoe pads, so it is particularly important that the strip was correct. That is the children's shoes Zapata - with the right shoe - you will find on our magazina.Magazin only works with suppliers, manufactures high-quality shoes, which have all the necessary certificates. Famous European - Italian, Spanish, German brands and manufacturers from America and Russia, most models come only to us in small batches, so here you can always find an exclusive, found nowhere else in the resulting long-term cooperation with the companies-suppliers and work with! customers shop sapata developed its policy of formation of assortment, pricing, compliance with the interests of clients and service culture.

How is the return of shoes in the store Zapata

If your shoes are not approached, providedthe possibility of returning within a month from the date of purchase. In addition, you can order several pairs of shoes in different sizes and models, and upon arrival you choose a carrier of the ordered only what suits you. When buying in excess of 10,000 rubles. we will pay the delivery of the order to any place in Russia.

How to pay for the purchase in the online store Sapata

Payment for the purchased goods can be produced throughWebMoney, Yandex Money, Money., Qiwi terminals, as well as VISA and MasterCard cards. In addition, for the purchased goods from us you can pay in cash by courier or by COD pochtu.My ready to take your order around the clock and seven days a week. Experienced managers will answer all your questions toll-free, will give the necessary advice and offer exactly the kind of shoes that you interesuyut.My work for you, serving on the highest class, as it depends on you, our prosperity, popularity and even dostoinstvo.Tolko once visited the store and making it a purchase, you'll be forever grateful client Zapata dot ru!

Online shoe store Zapata ru
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