How to choose a bra

How to choose a bra

Table of contents:

  1. What tasks performs
  2. model
  3. Tips for Choosing
  4. selection Rules
  5. Selection of the size

How wonderful to always look at height. It is known that one of the advantages of a beautiful female breast. But not all the ladies elegant bust nature endowed the correct form. To emphasize the dignity and hide flaws can be, knowing how to choose the right bra.

What tasks performs

To start let's see what functions are performed in Bra:

  1. Supportive. The bra is a must, if she has large breasts. Correctly chosen bra will allow to move without any discomfort.
  2. Aesthetic. Many girls it is important that they are dressed and what they have under their clothes. Underwear will help owners of small breasts enlarge breasts (with special inserts), and ladies with large breasts will help maintain the shape.
  3. Sexy. Not a sin to please her man sexy outfit, which will cause him a lot of emotions, passion and desire.
  4. Hygienic. A good example is the laundry for nursing women.
  5. Preventive. Properly selected bra helps prevent breast disease, while correctly chosen underwear can cause various diseases.

It often happens that the quest for the perfect bra ends in failure, so let's try to choose the best.


To begin with we shall understand what model and what kind of girl suits.ClassicalClassicalClassical. This option is suitable absolutely every girl. It is perfect for everyday wear. This thin bra made of, for example, silk, cotton or lace.balkonetbalkonetBra "balconette". This species has a lower cup, which are disposed at the same level. In this case, will is bare upper chest. The downside is that such a bad bra breast fixes.Without straplessWithout straplessStrapless Bra. This is one of the best options for open dresses. The main thing is make sure you everything is perfect in size.Bra straps with clever. This bra can be fixed in different positions. It can easily adjust to any clothing, when necessary, you can hide the straps from the back, or vice versa, remove from the shoulders.Push UpPush UpPush Up Bra. This model is like almost all women, andespecially holders of small breasts. This bra visually increase a breast, which makes it possible to put on a dress with a plunging neckline. The secret lies in the fact that the bottom of the bra is a gel or foam rubber lining, which raises breast.Closed bra. This model is perfect fix your chest. Usually this variant tend to choose women with large breasts or pregnancy. It has the shape of drops and wide straps, so it is not necessary to wear the clothes, which is opened up.SportsSportsSports bra. It perfectly captures the bust due to stretch fabric, perfect breasts pressing.invisible beinginvisible beingBra Invisible. This bra is made so cleverly that it is impossible to notice any rear or front. This model is a small silicone cups that are attached to the chest.

Tips for Choosing

Do not take without tryingDo not take without tryingNecessarily it is necessary to know the size of your breasts.

  1. Note that, in the cup is your breasts. It must absolutely completely fill the entire volume.
  2. When choosing a bra necessarily look in the mirror, your back should be straight.
  3. Try to choose a model from natural fabrics.
  4. You should never buy a bra, not an example of it.

selection Rules

choose correctlychoose correctly

  1. Middle, your bra should be a good fit to your body.
  2. Low cups should be well encircle the chest.
  3. There must be an empty space at the top of the bra cup and between the body.
  4. The straps should not dig into your body and bring you discomfort.
  5. When you lift your hands up, the bra should stay still and not move.

Do not forget to consider that may changeyour weight, respectively, and the structure of the body. The most important thing is to match the bra size of his chest. Also, when trying on a bra is right on top of his shirt to try and see whether visible seams that you could soon bring discomfort.

Selection of the size

Selection of the sizeIt is very important to choose the right bra onsize. To determine this, only two parameters: the size and completeness of the cups. Knowing these characteristics, you can choose the perfect sitting byustgalter.Vy certainly know what bra size is denoted by a number and a letter, for example, 70B, 80C, 75D, etc. Number - it is under the breast girth. Identify it easy: take the measuring tape and measure the circumference. The tape should pass just below the breast where the bra times are usually located. Then, measure the circumference of the chest, in this case, the tape measure should pass through the most prominent point of the chest.Note!To correctly determine the size should not be allowed sagging tape, the measurement itself must be carried out on the exhale, the hands should be deleted.To determine the drive letter, it is necessary to subtract from the larger value smaller.bra sizebra sizeDesignation of a bra size can be reduced and in inches. In this case, use the following table of correspondences:Match the size of UKsuitable size Sometimes it happens that seems to be the size ofcorrectly identified and with initial fitting bra good sitting, but in the process of socks found drawbacks: often have to correct bra, breast close it. Or when the fitting is found that, for example, 80V size is too small, too big and 80C. In these cases it is necessary to try the adjacent sizes: 75C or 85B. In determining the most proper size, it is necessary to remember that choosing the size with less girth, it is necessary to increase the cup size. For example, 80B is similar to 75C, but will sit in different ways: Tight at the bottom, but to give more freedom to the breast, that's usually solved the problem of close bra, which at first glance is matched in size.

  1. The most basic mistake when choosing a bra: wide belt and a relatively small cup. Bra size 80C can be replaced by a bra size 75D, 70E, even 65F.Esli you have a large bust, look for a bra with wide straps if the straps tight, thin, heavy breasts that they will not keep.
  2. Belt bra on the back should not be strung up, if this is so, then, needed bra with a smaller size zone.
  3. If the chest is broad, it is possible to choose the model that will change its position.

These are the basic guidelines for choosing the bra. We hope this will help you make the perfect vybor.Chitayte also:Choosing Nursing BraHow to choose lingerie to please menWe remove stretch marks on his chest

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