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How to teach your child to distinguish colors

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  1. General principles
  2. Learning to play

The world around us is painted in a thousand differentshades. This is not enough for life to learn to distinguish and name them. Yet there are basic colors that can easily be able to call anyone. It's so natural, is not it? Indeed, to know the color is natural for adults, but in fact, many kids do not know how this. The task of parents - to help the crumbs to navigate in a colorful world. Let's look at how to teach the child to distinguish colors?

General principles

General principles

Of course, any information, includingrelating to the colors, the child learns best in a playful way. But do not forget about the usual conversation with the child. If a three-year pipsqueak can not distinguish colors, it is necessary to undertake serious work. In general, to start exploring the colors you need as soon as possible. Scarce had already begun to speak? Excellent! Getting busy! What are the general principles in the study of child colors should be applied to parents?

  1. Properly build phrases. Certainly very often parents, pointing to an apple, say, "red apple". But Apple can not only be red, but green, and yellow, right? Therefore, this kind of information presenting the child, it is better to use other phrases. For example, say: "This apple is red." In other words, to emphasize that it is the apple red, and not something that all apples are red. Children perfectly developed associative thinking, and it is important not to make a mess in their logic.
  2. Understand the color gradually. Is sprayed directly on the entire spectrum is not necessary. It should initially learn well one color and then proceed to the study of the other. Experts say that it is best to start with red. This is followed by teaching the kid to distinguish between blue, green and yellow colors. Child well-learned them? You can take to explore additional colors.
  3. Declare a "color" day. What does it mean? This means that the whole day parents should devote one color. As mentioned above, it is better to start with red. On the morning of inflated red balloon, wearing a red jacket, ate red berries. They sat down to draw. The child can be proposed: "Let's draw a red house. What we need to take a pencil? That's right, the red! You paint a red roof, and I window. That turned a house. If he has a red roof, window, door, what is it? That's right, the red! "And later in the same spirit. You can ask the kid to show picture mother and tell what color painted house.
  4. Stored patient. Fit crumbs in the classroom can not. Let the kid will think a little. But to suggest the child needs. This should be done patiently and kindly.

Learning to play

Learning to play

Learning to play

The following games will help the crumbs to learn different colors faster. Play can even half old kids in them.

  1. The game "Butterflies and flowers". To carry out this game you need to prepare a cardboard cut out of large flowers of four colors: yellow, blue, green and red. One more game elements - Four butterflies of the same primary color. We must ask the child to put butterflies on flowers of the same color. You can at the same time saying: "Flew-red butterfly flew and finally sat down on a red flower." When all the butterflies are arranged on a flowered respective colors need to complicate the task. For example, ask for crumbs to put a blue butterfly on yellow flower.
  2. "Builder" game. It should be cut out of colored cardboard parts house: roof and a square box. Then you need to lay down their houses, not picking up the details to each other by color. After that you should ask your child to help correct "build" houses: the roof and put together a box of the same color.
  3. Game "Colorful cleaning." We must ask the child to help in cleaning the apartment. Only this is not the usual cleaning and colorful. First, in the laundry basket to collect items of the same color. The cart can go to the red ball, red pencil, red T-shirt, etc. Red items removed? You can begin harvesting blue items.
  4. The game "Merry traffic lights." It should be cut out of colored cardboard circles of red, yellow and green colors. Tiny need to explain the rules: when my mother shows a red circle, you need to be in place, yellow - to jump on the spot, green - run. At the same time, and the rules of behavior on the road, you can tell!

Games like these, you can think ofindependently. The main thing - do not be lazy and every day to give them at least 15 minutes. If you resort to using their own imagination, the question of how to teach the child to distinguish between colors, dare fun and interesting.

How to teach your child to distinguish colors
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