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At what age to send their children to hockey

At what age to send their children to hockey

Table of contents:

  1. Suitable age
  2. Required skills
  3. Attention, parents!

Hockey in Russia is becoming more popularsport in the last few years in cities of more than 10 large facilities for sports was built. Ice Arena - is not only a place for professional sports, but also for amateur hockey hobbies. Professional training designed for experienced athletes, if you face a choice about what age to send their children to hockey, read the information below.

Suitable age

Lessons with professional trainer

Lessons with professional trainer

Since hockey is a game of traumatic,give the child to a section is necessary when he can learn the rules of the game, will be able to use the methods of protection against injury on the ice. Based on the fact that the mental capacity and the optimum level of physical development can achieve the desired only to 6-7 years or later, to give to the baby section should be no earlier than the age of 6 years. At the same time with the child should engage a professional coach who will give the necessary information and can himself assess the level of training and development of the child so that he can fully engage in the hockey section. The conversation with the coach, parent and child, will not be superfluous, because the expert in principle, give competent advice is relevant for your child.

The optimum age for enrollment in the sectionhockey - it 6-8 years, provided that the child is able to skate with confidence and kept on ice. In addition, based on the child's age, you need to pick up the necessary equipment, such as online on the website and use it for professional activities. Without skills, confident skating in full gear to study harder.

Required skills

To play football, you want to be confident on the ice, if your child already has this skill, it will become obvious advantage to enroll in the hockey section.

Required riding skill of skatingRequired riding skill of skating

Note!If your child is younger than 5 years beforegive it to the section of hockey, it is necessary to conduct several training sessions on skates. This will allow him to get used to the ice, feel more confident and learn riding techniques that will be useful to him in the game of hockey.

If a child is afraid to stand up on the ice, parentsshould themselves go on the ice and show your child an example. This clearly shows that the yield on the ice should not be afraid. You are free to teach a child to skate and then give it to the hockey section. If this was not done earlier, in the hockey section you can sign up later. The child should engage in a group with their peers in order to feel comfortable.

Attention, parents!

Hockey travmoopasen

Hockey travmoopasenNote!Being on the ice is dangerous to health, especially if the child is younger than 5 years.

Get used to the ice must be gradual,quite a few lessons to the child gained self-confidence, then you can hold a meeting with the coach and to enroll in a section for children who are just beginning to learn the game of hockey.

Thus it is preferred to give the child inhockey section at 6-8 years of age with preparation on ice. Before you learn how to play hockey, the child has to learn to skate. Following this, you can hold a meeting with the coach to take the final decision on admission.

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