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What to feed the child after a year

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  1. Rules baby food under the age of two years
  2. Meals for kids

Every mom thinks about. What to feed the child after a year. She wants to grow her child is healthy, clever and happy every moment of life! And this plays an important role in the growth of any crumbs - the correct and healthy diet. But the question arises how it should be and how to teach your little one to this diet? Let's look at these questions in more detail.

Rules baby food under the age of two years

Rules baby food under the age of two years

At this time, the baby is not able to choose their own meals and your main task is to help him in this:

  • it is not necessary to prohibit the child to take food with his hands. Because of this he learns something new, explores the world and it is interesting;
  • in no case do not rush him, he shall determine the rate at which he is ready to eat. He will give you to know that you need to supplement (will follow up with a spoon and opens mouth, when all perezhuёt);
  • You do not have to ask the kid, so he ate everything that is on his plate. He eats as much as he needed;
  • If you see a child playing in something and is very passionate about, do not drag it hard to the table, and just standing affectionately quiet voice say, "went to eat" and wait for him to finish the game.

The main products that contain a lot of calories and nutrients that are beneficial for crumbs:

  1. Avocado
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Cheese
  4. eggs
  5. A fish
  6. Turkey
  7. Pasta whole grain.

It is necessary to take into account the caloric and nutritionalvalue of the product that you are going to feed your baby. For example, fruit juices, sweets. Such food is very important for children after a year because During this period, they are more active and eat very little. The child is accustomed to eat a little, for it is better to give a richer in calories and nutrients the food.

To the child it was easier to eat, and he did it with a great desire and pleasure. It is necessary to grind the food (using the blender, graters, etc).

Cooking liquid food. You can mix the sour cream with fruit. Do not apply a lot of food on the plate, if he wants to eat, and even then you can add. The menu should be as diverse as possible.

The child does not know what a breakfast, lunch or dinner. For it has its own clock for meals. First watch which of the food you gave him, the most relished, and what is not. Children between the main feedings can be given yoghurt, boiled eggs, juice, different cookies, etc. At its discretion, you might say.

It is very helpful for children in this age not milkless than 500 ml per day, cream, cottage cheese. Of the meat may be advisable to chicken, beef, pork and rabbit meat can be, and of course there can not do without fish. For the baby also need to power it was in butter and vegetable oil. From cereals and oatmeal buckwheat useful, because they contain a lot of carbohydrate. Sugar, but not more than 50 grams per day. Among prefer sweets: candy, fruit jam, candy. Chocolate and candy is better to replace fruits and berries. You can also give your baby any vegetables. For example, such as sorrel, onions, spinach, radishes, potatoes and.

Children who are more than 1.5 years can take the food into small pieces vegetables, boiled porridge, meat pieces. And after two years in the diet can include burgers, salads, fish only boneless.

By the end of the first year of life the baby should eatfood more varied. To become such an amazing meal for him, it is introduced gradually in a child's diet. Complicate the menu, replaced by liquid denser foods which require chewing. Kids can afford such food, even if they are only incisors.

Expansion of the diet your child doesIt does not mean that mothers should stop feeding breast milk. Breastfeeding is very useful at this age. Twice a day, morning and closer to sleep. It is particularly important evening breastfeeds, it prevents tooth decay.

And if the baby is bottle-fed, you should refrain from feeding in the evening or at night, or a mixture of juice, they cause the risk of caries.

Feeding children at this age can be dividedfor breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. It is important to observe the breaks between meals. Failure to follow this simple rule at the child does not produce food reflex, which is so important for the baby. Over time, this will affect his health. And if the child is naughty and does not want to have, well, no just his appetite, you should try not to spoil it different juices, fruit in between meals.

Meals for kids

Meals for kids

Here are some recipes that I think will like your daze.

Soup of lamb.

Cooking method:
In 150 ml of cold water added small piecesmeat and cook until the broth boils. Then remove the foam, add salt and cover Fig. Finely chop the onion and add 15 minutes until tender. Then fill the soup cooked with oil and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

Borsch meat

Cooking method:
The broth from the bones add the pieces of meat. Simmer onions and celery, then add to the broth. Add salt to taste and cook a little longer the soup. The cooked beets three on a grater, mix it with a little sugar and vinegar and pour it all prepared broth.
(By the way it turns out very tasty soup that has been tested!)

Spring salad

You will need 30g of fresh lettuce, choppedthin strips. Tomato slices as much gram mode. Add the chopped pepper Boiled. All this salt and pour the sunflower oil. You can even sprinkle yolk and add the sour cream (to taste it already)

A fresh vegetable salad

Boil the potatoes, cut it into small pieces. Add cucumbers and tomatoes. Then salt and interfere. (If you want, you can also add green onions.)

Milk soup with vegetables

Diced carrots, cauliflower and belokachannuyucabbage, peas peeled. Vegetables cook gently in salted water, add potatoes. When the soup is ready, add the milk, salt the and add a piece of butter.

Cream of potato

Sliced ​​potatoes are put in boiling water. Add green onions and cook in a closed pan about 30 minutes. Prepared vegetables pass through a colander, add water to the mix, season with salt and wait until boil. In the finished dish, you can add croutons and butter.

What to feed the child after a year
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