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How to wean a child snitch

Table of contents:

  1. What's wrong with this habit
  2. Sneak!
  3. Blame parents
  4. All you need to explain
  5. The concepts of honor
  6. Trust - one of the methods of solving the educational problems

It would seem that such a harmless and also insomewhat pleasant habit of the parents of the child - to tell the whole "truth," and we must fight it! Otherwise, in the future, children may have serious problems in relations with people. Therefore adults should not rely on the fact that their son or daughter, becoming older, themselves understand what to say, and what should remain silent - you need to think about how to wean a child yabednichati as this still retain the ability to control events in the life of children.

What's wrong with this habit

Harm yabednichestva

Harm yabednichestva

Apart from the fact that the child is formedwrong system of moral values ​​- he was ready at any moment to betray his friend, such a habit will be very slow down his personal development. The fact that all his attention, all his energy will be directed not to the fact that to get better, and to identify the shortcomings of others. And if he could expose his peers - he was better than them! This especially works if the parents, listening to another "report" of his son, saying: "You see what they are bad! ! You're not, "Nothing should be done in order to become a good - enough naklyauznichat adults.


Child teased at schoolChild teased at school

Children, though naive, but somehow very quicklycalculated in the numbers of who snitch, and rewarded his insulting nickname "sneak"! But it would be so bad - refuse to be friends with him! Children's team is harsh: the little outcast will be very difficult. After all, the guys openly express their hostility to them by all available means: refuse to sit, do not give the toy (and in school textbooks, pens, etc.), name-calling, teasing - create all conditions for their "enemy" had every day reason to cry.

Blame parents

Errors in child care
Errors in child care

Of course, we do not claim that it is the parentsTeach your child to snitch - not at all. He could borrow a technique from the other children. But in that time they did not notice that the child has problems in the team, or did not pay attention to the fact that he was too careful "criticism" of his peers - that already have their share of guilt. However, all can be corrected, if the time to wonder how to wean the child snitch and how to do it from a pedagogical point of view correctly, that is to say without offending son or daughter and not losing their confidence.

All you need to explain

Explain why you can not snitchExplain why you can not snitch

Any remark child must be correct. And when he once again run up to you to tell you about what I did, "another boy" or "other girl" is not worth it ends abruptly in mid-sentence. Be sure to listen to it, and then try to explain that it was not necessary to tell an adult about every bad word or ugly act of a fellow kindergarten or school. Tell us how to relate to sneak in groups, including in adults. Try to change the child's attention on himself: Does he always do well? At the same time, be sure to let them know that the situation may be different. If someone's words or actions are a direct threat to someone, then be sure to tell an adult.

The concepts of honor

We are looking for examples in the books
We are looking for examples in the books

Sometimes it is difficult to explain to a child theoretically thatgood and bad. It's easier to do it all the examples. But where do we get these life examples? Indeed, not very ethical to apply to the facts of life of the neighbors or acquaintances, and even more so to analyze them.

Teach your child to read: in children's literature, you can find a lot of both positive and negative characters - this is an example of their actions and, consequently, the effects of good or bad actions educate their sons and daughters.

Trust - one of the methods of solving the educational problems

Trust between parent and childTrust between parent and childOf course, the child is very difficult to suppress the desire totell the "news" that he was able to get. Put yourself in his place: for us, the adults, to learn some juicy details from the lives of their colleagues or relatives, if not condemn, or at least surprised. Similarly, the child wants to talk, in other words - a little gossip. Agree with him about it: his promise to keep secret the fact that he will tell you. Small companion to satisfy the need to share the news, and you can filter out important information - one that can play a role in your child's life. He will know exactly what it is not "sneak" - because he did not tell anyone anything! And you promised never to repeat nothing.

Word of his, by the way, be sure to hold firmly. And even if one is released so that the information can not be obtained will conceal from other adults, imagine all the way to your child's name was not zameshena - pretend to know everything perfectly from another source.

Children can and do make mistakes - a taskAdults teach them to behave in such a way that afterwards they were easy to build relationships in the family and in the team. To inculcate in them the concept of honor in early childhood.

How to wean a child snitch
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