How to apply foundation

Table of contents:

  1. The main types of foundation
  2. Secrets of the correct application
  3. Methods of applying the cream
  4. Errors when applying the cream
  5. Rules of application
  6. Selection of foundation

Every girl dreams of becoming the owner of the skinon the cover of the magazine. Unfortunately, modern environment does not have the appearance of natural skin velvety. To achieve an even tone the face girl resorted to various tricks. So, one of the secrets for a perfect appearance is the use of foundation.

The main types of foundation



In today's world there is a great variety of means to conceal the shortcomings of the skin.

Among the most common types of foundation are the following:

  • Cream liquid consistency
  • In a cream powder
  • Dry basis

Liquid cream

Liquid foundation
Liquid foundation

The most common variant of the means -liquid cream. It can be used for any skin type. A person with disabilities (peeling, redness, acne) can also be matted with liquid cream.

Among the main components are the following:

  • Substances that retain moisture
  • Coloring pigments
  • Oils, relieves inflammation of the skin

This type of cream is marketed a wide range of products in different price categories.

In a cream powder


This cosmetic product has appeared recently, but has already gained wide popularity among consumers.

It has the kind of mousse, which implies a convenient way of applying it.

It is ideal for oily skin, because Its structure does not clog large pores.

Dry basis

Cream - Powder
Cream - Powder

A solid foundation, powder-like. The main advantage: portability. It is designed for use on the road, traveling, walking, etc.

Secrets of the correct application

Secrets of application
Secrets of application

So, how to apply foundation? There are a few secrets of professional cosmetologists. Consider some of them:

  • Before you begin, you need to achieve the ideal state of your skin. It should be clean, treat and moisturize tonic cream. Only then you can start working with tonal basis.
  • If you do not want to get the effect of "mask", apply the cream on the face, chest and neck area.
  • If you want to get a more natural and transparent tone cream dissolve in a small amount of drinking water.
  • To consolidate the results after applying the cream, use a spray fixative or thermal water.

Methods of applying the cream

Methods of application of foundation
Methods of application of foundation

To work with the tonal basis there is a huge number of different brushes, sponges, sponges. What effect does their use?

  • To achieve natural skin tones, and uniform application, you can use your fingers instead of a brush.
  • Want to get more dense tone, use a sponge. To enhance the effect, you can sponge slightly moistened.
  • When applying the cream lightly over the surface of rattles his face. So you will achieve even distribution of cream.

Selection of foundation

Apply the cream on your wrist

Apply the cream on your wristNote!It is very important to choose the right tone cream.

To select the most suitable color, a small part of it should be applied in the area of ​​the wrist. Look how the cream goes with your skin tone.

When choosing a cream note its additional functions.

To remove greasy and masking enlarged pores oily skin cream would be the perfect solution with the function of matting.

Skin type dry suit cream with moisturizing function.

In summer, you can buy a cream with protection against solar radiation function.

How to apply foundation
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