How to stretch the shoes? Tips for leather, suede shoes and imitation leather


Many girls familiar with the problem and oppressiverub the shoe. And when at the store fitting everything was good, comfortable shoes were on the foot. But then when worn, there are calluses, corns, and so on. Sooner or later, the question arises as to stretch the shoes as it soften? And whether it is possible to do at all?

Stretch shoes it is possible to do this, there are quite a few ways. Before you start the procedure, you must consider the type of shoe, and it is made of any material.

How to stretch leather shoes?

Leather shoes almost not afraid of aggressive factors of influence and methods of stretching can be varied.

How to stretch the shoes?
  • The most popular is the so-called "Armythe way. " It is characterized by its simplicity and high efficiency simultaneously. To make the conceived need regular cotton socks to be wet and wring out thoroughly, so that they are vlazhnymi.V of wet socks you must wear shoes until such time as they do not dry out. After that, the shoes need to sleep ordinary newspapers, which absorb moisture.
  • If using the Army wayuncomfortable, there are safer and sparing methods of stretching of shoes, namely chemical. Almost every shoe store you can buy a special tool for this purpose. Most often it is a foaming spray to be sprayed inside the shoes. Thereafter, it will be necessary to go home for some time. But this method has its drawbacks, which is worth remembering. The chemicals that are part of the spray can change the color of the skin, especially if it is light.
  • An alternative to a chemical process can benormal alcohol or cologne. It is by such means used in the USSR. Stretching shoes can also speed, it is necessary not just in her walk around the house and squat with heels tearing from the ground.
  • You can also use ice method. The shoes need to put a plastic bag filled with water and put in the freezer. The stood liquid EnlargeGSI in the amount of stretch and shoes. Most important to choose a good durable package that does not leak, otherwise there is a big risk to spoil the shoes. After the water is frozen, do not attempt to pull out a solid piece of ice, it is best to give it melted.
  • The opposite way stretch shoeis the treatment with boiling water. But you can use it only for the quality of leather models. Only sewn in compliance with all the rules of shoes or boots will be able to withstand such a violent impact. To stretch the shoes need to pour boiling water over it from the inside. Dress is a little cooled down and wear it around the house to dry completely.
  • After stretching the shoe hot, cold or others. way, it is imperative to treat it with cream. When aggressive exposure, the skin can lose its natural fats and become brittle, which will affect its appearance.

How to stretch the shoes?

What happens if suede shoes rub his feet?

Suede shoes quite whimsical, and many methods ofstretching it just does not fit. Therefore, such a problem it is best to go to the experts. Most shops repair shops provide services to its stretching, and taking into account the material and the model.

Professional techniques are quite effective and virtually harmless. In the arsenal workers have special metal pads that are worn shoes and gradually stretched.

Around the same way you can useand at home by purchasing a special shoe to shoe. Some devices are capable of shoes to stretch not only in length but also in width, ie. K. A lot of them are provided with a special screw mechanism.

It is worth remembering that the suede, soft and prettyelastic material that is easy to break in and easily takes the form of legs. And in most cases stretching of shoes can be handled at home.

For example, walk around the house in your new shoes anda little wet socks or dry, but dense - terry. You can use special means - aerosols. Moreover, it should be spray for suede shoe, excluding consisting of oils, fats and varnish.

Stretch shoes made of artificial leather

The most common skin substitutes actsleatherette, which there are hundreds of species. And inexperienced buyers is difficult to determine how well these shoes. Externally to the touch and they may not differ. The problem lies in the fact that one kind of imitation leather does not stretch at all, because his cloth backing, but the second will last. For these reasons, when stretching of shoes from leatherette, and you can not get results, or ruin the shoes.

But try all the same worth, all the more somost sparing way. The most ideal option - trust specialist and take shoes to the shop. But if adapted to the artificial skin to have this capability, it is permissible to use special sprays.

Use of folk remedies can be, butonly with caution. Often advised to treat alcohol shoes and walk in it for a while. But to put alcohol or cologne is necessary not to the entire inner surface of the shoe, and it is on those areas which rub, pinch or crush.

How to stretch the shoes?

Artificial skin can withstand humidity andfor its stretch, you can use a damp cloth. Stuff shoes wet newspaper and leave to dry. Such procedures must be few.

How to soften shoes: Tips

  1. In addition to stretching under a certain shoesize, often raises the question of how best to soften shoes that are not worn for a long time? An excellent tool in this can be a castor or vegetable oil, or the simple petroleum jelly.
  2. After processing, shoe, it is necessary to revilehome for several hours. Next, it must be cleaned of the means used. This way you can use for shoes made of natural materials, as well as for leather.
  3. Using wax can also soften the shoes. The most common material is treated with a backdrop that is too hard and rubs. Paraffin is best left for the night and in the morning to clean the tool.
  4. Kerosene also give the skin softness. Before you use it, you need to pre-wet shoes and only then handle it. In spite of all the effectiveness of the method, the question remains about the smell. It is because of the unpleasant sharp flavor, this method is less popular than others.

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To save time and money in an attempt tostretch or soften uncomfortable pair of shoes, you need to buy shoes from size. The only possible problem in this case may be too hard heel, but it's easy to fix. Remember that uncomfortable pair can become a cause of various ailments. Therefore, if you new shoes too tight, not worth the time, effort and nerves, it is best to hand it back to the store.

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