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      • The choice of a suitable hairstyle women haveI spend a lot of time and effort. Sometimes it takes years, and all because the woman can not choose the right model. One of the most controversial is the selection of hairstyles for round face: with or without bangs, long or short, straight or curly - on what options to stay?

        The problem, which is not

        Correction round face

        The main objective of the round face correction - itvisually make it more oval and highlight cheekbones. To do this, there are many options for hairstyles. But then why do so many young women, women who are unhappy with their hair? The fact is that very often when choosing a photo haircuts for round face with bangs or without too qualified technician and unsophisticated client guided solely aesthetic impressions. Meanwhile, the selection should be approached more carefully, taking into account:

        • Hair texture;
        • natural volume;
        • style of dress and in life;
        • age.

        Only after the determination of the overall concepthairstyles you can proceed directly to the haircut and bangs selection form, whose main objective - to interrupt the rounded lines of the face. Therefore, stylists advise oblique asymmetrical bangs different length that will not create a weighting effect.

        5 hairstyles selection rules

        A good hairdresser before you offer theor that hairstyle, be sure to try to learn some of the details of your life, daily routine and character. However, there are some rules that are inviolable in the selection of hairstyles for round face:

        • all manipulations with the hair produced by vertical lines;
        • volume is concentrated at the top and only slightly covers the cheeks and cheekbones;
        • to reduce the "roundness" of a haircut should be jagged edges;
        • Irons lover should ever forget the curly tresses or do light waves, starting with the chin level and curling hair on the outside;
        • parting is oblique, not to emphasize the shape of the face.

        Short haircuts

        Ladies, critically-minded in their appearance,somehow convinced that women's short hairstyles for round face - this is taboo. But numerous photo destroy these prejudices. Among the most fashionable short haircuts in particular there are several.



        Mowing is suitable for thin, split ends. Tresses sheared asymmetrically, leaving a length of a person and removing it from the back and top of the head. The transition should be smoother. This hairstyle will look great with a milling or oblique chelochkoy. Pixie visually lengthens the face and, last but not least, it slightly hudit.

        asymmetrical haircut

        asymmetrical haircut

        Owners of the right facial features can beadvise to pay attention to asymmetrically sostrizhennye strands. Hair looks good without a bang. But if you still insist on it, then make a forward dropdown chelochkoy on a side parting. In fairness it should be noted that an asymmetrical haircut has a significant drawback: the curls to lay the way you want, they need to periodically correct.


        A haircut

        For a round face should choose a model with beanelongated side strands that extend beyond the line of the chin. But the crown has to be the most sostrizhena, creating an additional amount. The only caveat - the owners of curly hair, this hairstyle did not fit, because the model requires a perfectly smooth hair.

        Hair on the hair shoulder-length

        The average length among stylists, barbersIt is considered the most successful, as there are many options for hairstyles for her. These hairstyles lengthen a round face and make the correct emphasis on the merits of the exterior.


        A haircut
        A haircut

        Magic hairstyle that looks great andthin hair, giving the appearance of enthusiasm and playfulness, and thick, emphasizing all the beauty of the natural wealth. On the stage is allowed to make a direct bang only necessarily elongated and well otfilirovannuyu. The person locks should be slightly longer than the others.


         The page haircut

        This hairstyle adds splendor shock of hair, sothe face becomes more expressive. It looks great with bangs and without it. A significant advantage of a page is that it does not require a long packing - sufficiently dry the hair dryer. However, there is a drawback: haircut looks nice only on straight hair, and curly and curly looks sloppy.


         Bob haircut

        This timeless classic for medium length hair. Long side strands hide the roundness of the face and highlight cheekbones. Chubby ladies suits and graduated bob in which strands of shear levels and squares with a side parting, which hides a very high forehead. But bangs can be both direct and oblique - it all depends on your preferences and the structure of hair.

        Methods of laying a long shag

        Chubby girls tend to like long hair. Therefore stylists come up with a model haircuts, "sparing" length.


        Methods styling long hair

        The person sheared strands up to the chin, andat the back stay as long as possible. Stylists recommend a haircut for women with straight or wavy hair. But ladies curly ladder should be made less obvious, since the strands to shorten the length of the shoulder. This model hairstyles for round face long hair with bangs focuses on the eyes and cheekbones, so by asymmetric or direct form flowing strands over his forehead, you add the image of charm.

        Hairdressing taboo for chubby women

        As mentioned above, chubby womenthere are plenty to choose from: all basic haircut is quite appropriate at this appearance. Cautions stylists concern over the specific details of each hair. As to the general prohibitions that apply to them:

        • sharp lines near the cheeks and cheekbones;
        • clear horizontal lines of a haircut;
        • dark single color staining.

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        Choosing a hairstyle for a round face, you should notonly to decide, with or without bangs is a new hairstyle, but also take into account the peculiarities of their appearance and lifestyle. Properly chosen hairstyle make you feel good about yourself, and then your transformation will not remain without attention. So we study the recommendations of stylists and are not afraid to take risks!

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