Botox: the consequences


In recent years, Botox injections have become verypopular. Injections help solve many problems associated with aging skin. The formulation contains botulism toxin that enters the facial muscles and relaxes them, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. The effect of the procedure can be seen already from the first time in subsequent sessions only fixed result.

Botox: contraindications

Any cosmetic procedure has its indications and contraindications. Botox injections - is no exception. Among the contraindications are the following:

Botox: contraindications
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Inflammation in the intended injection site;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • The high degree of myopia;
  • Allergy;
  • The use of aminoglycoside antibiotics, macrolides, tetracyclines, polymyxin;
  • The use of drugs that increase the intracellular calcium concentration;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Pronounced gravitational ptosis person;
  • Hernias in the lower and upper eyelids;
  • The postoperative period;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation.

Botox: the pros

The procedure is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery. You do not have to be at risk of surgery to rejuvenate the face.

The visible effect is obtained immediately after the firstand growing procedure for several days. skin subjected to injections, come back to normal within a few hours. Currently there are many cosmetic products which contain a composition of botulinum toxin. But this makeup can not be compared to an injection of Botox procedure, because of the effect it can only be achieved within a few months of regular use.

By another procedure may include positive terminalwide range of applications. Today, Botox is used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), strabismus, acne, removal of muscle spasm, eliminating the tooth, headache and muscle pain, as well as for the treatment of herpes.

Extensive experience of research shows thatBotox - a completely safe way of rejuvenation. The negative feelings of the procedure is likely to result from the low qualification of the expert who did the procedure to you.

Botox injections give an additional effect of rejuvenation. After the procedure, the skin is actively produces elastin and collagen.

Botox: cons

In addition to the advantages, the procedure has a large number ofcons. The first can be attributed pain treatments. This is especially frustrating for people who have a low pain threshold. Procedure for thin needles are used, which are inserted under the skin. Endure the pain of the procedure, can not everyone.

Botox injections are only applicable to the facial wrinkles. The procedure does not eliminate wrinkles caused due to dry skin, facial features of a structure and aging.

Deep wrinkles, too, can not be removed using this procedure.

Botox requires high qualificationspecialist. Currently, almost every beauty salon offers a service for Botox injections, without competent beauticians. This means that non-compliance with certain rules can cause a number of complications after the procedure.

After the injection is necessarily necessaryto comply with a few rules. The first time you can not drink alcohol, do massage, sleep face down. All this may lead to increased blood flow and the displacement of the drug.

Botox: pros and cons

The effect of the procedure lasts no more than 8 months. This means that after you have again some time to apply to the beauty salon. The cost of the procedure is readily available.

Side effects of Botox

  • After an unsuccessful procedure, there may be a hematoma at the injection site. Especially the exposed outer corners of the eyes.
  • In rare cases, itching, rashes and allergiesafter the procedure. Also, after a failed injection may fall eyebrow and upper eyelid. This is due to improper administration technique. Fortunately, this condition is temporary and after removal from the body of Botox all falls into place.
  • Changing the upper lip. It may appear thickened.
  • Violation of motor function of muscles: uncontrolled salivation, inability to smile.
  • You can change the tone of voice and act of swallowing disorder appear.
  • include headache to short-term consequence of the injections.

The positive effects of Botox

  1. Restoring youthful skin, getting rid of wrinkles in the neck, face and décolleté;
  2. Getting rid of sweating;
  3. Correction of the face;
  4. Temporary relief from migraine headaches;
  5. The procedure relieves stress and relaxes facial muscles;
  6. Injection eliminates the facial spasms.

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The use of Botox in medicine approvedAmerican organization FDA - subjecting products to strict quality control. With that said it safely. Despite this, the procedure goes around a lot of rumors. While medical research can not confirm it or deny categorically.

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox before and after: photo

Botox - a modern medication, allowingNo activity to rejuvenate and tighten the face. Its use is safe if handled by qualified professionals and comply with the recommendations after the injection. If you are not a supporter of injections to maintain the beauty and youthful skin, you can use masks. massage. gymnastics and contrast baths. Keep yourself in shape and you will be beautiful and young!

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